Prescription Drugs: The Silence Epidemic

It begin first with you abusing the prescription drugs, which then slowly lead you to drugs you never would imagine taking. It is the destruction of your life and will eat away your connections with everyone you know.

Eminem, a grammy and oscar winning award with no secret behind his history of drug usage. With a great influence on his fans and have been one best rapping artist ever known, he had previously struggled with the battle between prescription drugs and his life. Today as we know, our current situation with prescription drugs and how easily we can hand on them.

With the factor of prescription drugs being easily prescribe, it is good and beneficial for the people who are sick and actually need the prescription drugs. It makes it easy for them to have a grasp on the drugs and keep their health in good condition. But on the other side some people who physically don’t need the prescription drugs and are not sick take advantage of the system and use the prescribe drugs in a way that they are not meant to be used.

With the abuse of prescription drugs it can greatly affect your lifestyle. In one of Eminem’s song, “Drug Ballad”, it talks about his past with drugs and him being exposed to many kinds of drugs at a very young age. The drugs on the street soon dug him path to doing more dangerous drugs and soon then the beginning of the prescription drug abuse. He claim that drugs had a hold of him and with each resistance of withdraw it would only lead him to another bad situation and ending up back to where he were.

Quick fact: Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12 to 17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.(Foundation for a Drug-Free World)

People who don’t need the prescription drugs and are taking advantage of the system seem to also change how the drugs are being prescribed (Wiener-Bronner). Health companies and the government are constantly trying to control the situation by make the whole system stronger. They change the way is it prescribe to whom and make the system unbreachable so they can eliminate the abuse of prescription drugs. But at the same time while they are doing the changes it is making it harder for the people who need the prescription drug to get what they actually need. There always an equilibrium in life and with the changes in the system, the counter consequences are people who needs to drugs can’t get a grasp as easily.

The main problem is not simply how easily we can get our hands on the drugs and or how easily the prescription system is, but instead it is the abuse of prescription leading to more dangerous habit and life threatening drug. An essay that I read from The Atlantic, President Obama talk about prescription drugs. He called, “Prescription drugs a “gateway to heroin”(Kelly). He believed that the beginning of the end was the abuse of prescription drugs. The CDC stated, “On a national scale, about 2 million people abused prescription drugs nationwide in 2013, with the 44 death every single day from abuse and the 4 out of 5 heroin abusers abused prescription drugs first” (Kelly). This shows how the abuse of a prescription drug that was designed to help with little minor problem but using it the wrong way overtime can cause a great threat to your life.

“My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything,” said Eminem at the time when he was hospitalized after a night of excessive pill-popping- Eminem (Mosbergen).

The problem with abusing of Prescription drugs is already bad enough, but being a silent epidemic across the globe make the situation is even worst. The problem is not knowing how and where the situation begin. Usually with a popular drug for example Heroin, can be found on the street which is illegal to sell and buy, but compare to prescription drug you are granted if you have a prescribe sheet of paper. For Heroin it effect can be easily identified when the victims has taken it, but with prescription drugs the only way that you can tell someone who has been abusing prescription drugs is by being very close to them. When I say really close I mean like a family member or someone the live with them. This is a factor to why abuse of prescription drug is very dangerous but at the same time being a mystery epidemic.

Prescription drugs is a very dangerous, harmful, lethal, deadly drug that is harmful to anyone who abuse and overtake them. On the brighter side they are design to cure our everyday struggle and help us to move on with our lives. I think that the problem seem to be the people who is abusing the drugs and not the system that the regulate them. But in order to solve this silent epidemic we first need to identify who actually need the prescribe drugs and who doesn’t. But the government and healthcare companies can’t be the only one involved but instead we all need to join in and fix it together. Which will then allow the people who need the prescription drug to have an easy grasp on the prescription drug that they need.

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