Thierra Walker
Sep 12, 2018 · 4 min read

The powerful and spiritually enlightened Osho once stated, “Never be bothered by negatives. You burn the candle and the darkness goes on its own. Don’t try to fight with the darkness. There is no way, because the darkness does not exist. How can you fight with it? Just light a candle and the darkness is gone. So, forget about the darkness, forget about the fear. Forget about all those negative things that ordinarily haunt the human mind. Just burn a small candle of enthusiasm.” — Fear, 2012

If you are a chronic worrier like me, this simply means we have a harder time stopping our minds from dwelling on potential difficulty or troubles. In many cases, this worry is birthed from a strong desire that we believe we may not be able to attain nor maintain. Usually a desire that creates fear is indicative of possession. You are worrying so much that you feel you must now have to control every part of it, which only adds more troubles to your focus wheel of thought.

Almost all why we worry is because of psychological pain. The root to all problems is the thinking of it. We allow ourselves to think of a desire, but then immediately allow ourselves to think of its counterpart- the absence of it. We allow ourselves to focus on what we want, but then immediately focus on our current reality without the things we want. We allow ourselves to look at all the positive aspects of life that seem to be working for us, but immediately after, we look at the things that still are not up to our standards. We are constant robbers of our own happiness and it’s all due to the conditioning of psychological pain. We self-inflict our minds to think negative than positive or pro and con, offense and defense, constantly splitting our psyche to weigh out all possibilities, instead of going all in on the positives.

Why is that we never go all in on one thing? Is it because we must feel prepared for the worst to happen? In preparing for the worst possible outcome, you really put yourself back 20 steps because your focus is wrong. Although the intention is there, and the work ethic is present to combat the outcome, YOU ARE THE MAIN ONE bringing that unwanted outcome into your reality. We give ourselves more work and wonder why our anxiety is so high. Going all in is scary because there seems to be no safety net if you don’t prepare from all angles but straddling the fence between the positive and negative will stall your progress. Neither what you want can flourish because half of your attention is going to what you’re fearful of, and what you don’t want can’t be stopped because the other half of your attention is going toward resisting it.

When we resist anything unwanted, we give our attention to it inadvertently. Our attention is the ultimate invitation. If you can remember this, then it will serve as a focus check whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed with the negative. If you want things to get better, simply ignore it or squeeze the honey from it.

After reading many books on spiritual transformation, there are 4 affirmations that have really helped me on my journey towards relying more on spirit for guidance and keeping faith at the forefront:

  • I am focused on what I want- not the absence of it.
  • I am focused on what I want- not what my currently reality is.
  • I am focused on what I want- only the good aspects that are being given to me to work with.
  • I am focused on what I want- the vibrational work is first (faith, belief, knowing) before manifestation.

In closing, “Fear always means fear of the unknown. Fear always means fear of being lost. But if you really want to be alive, you have to accept the possibility of being lost. You have to accept the insecurity of the unknown, the discomfort and the inconvenience of the unfamiliar, the strange. That is the price one has to pay for the blessing that follows it, and nothing can be achieved without paying for it… Again, the fear is asking for guarantees, promises. Who is there to give you a guarantee? In existence, nothing is ensured- nothing can be.” — Osho

The only guarantee in life is your faith that everything will work itself out for your highest good and believing that wholeheartedly as you journey through life; once you believe this main principle, worry will slowly vanish from your life and abundance will flow.

Thierra Walker


Thierra Walker

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