Thierra Walker
Sep 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Like many, I have had my share of relationships.

Some, I was urged to end due to the lack of honor I had for my own transformation process, and there were others that chose to let go due to the lack of respect I had for their process.

As I am evolving on my spiritual journey in this human existence, I am placing more of my focus on the commitment to growth, rather than the commitment of relationships.

One thing that every relationship has taught me is to respect the journey and its differences between partners.

What does that mean in the context of relationships?

Well, most of us get caught up in the alignment of a relationship and how good you feel when you’re with a special/ certain someone that you forget the one major difference: Yes, both of you are aligned at this current time on the journey; however, both of you have different paths on the journey that need to be honored and respected.

Let me explain a bit deeper:
When you are in a relationship, intimate or platonic, friends or significant other(s), those are the ones who are in alignment to journey- by your side and you by theirs- given this moment in time, space, reality. However, many of us believe that since they are journeying by our side, they must also be aligned in a way that pleases our desires in all ways- this is the biggest pitfall I’ve found within myself. Understanding that, although, I may be aligned with someone on this current journey towards spiritual evolution, I and that person have two, uniquely different paths to honor, as we both are evolving- but both not evolving towards the same purpose. Allowing each other the access to fully express our humanness and to explore that in totality is the best gift one can give to any growing relationship.

Now of course, we want a relationship to be synonymous in value to one another; however, in the process of achieving that, we tend to limit the other out of fear. Learning to be unconditional in any kind of relationship is major. Just because two people journey together, does not mean they are meant to experience every experience together or in a way that is completely loyal to your own desires- this is where conditions plague the love that is meant to be vast.

In retrospect, as I am healing and understanding the beauty of relationships, I am becoming more grateful just to have opportunities to be present with the ones I care about, and less concerned with the conditions of a relationship that may be out of my control. I am more mindful of my own limitations that I place upon certain relationships due to habit. The most important thing about relationships is not who is loyal to who, but if you are loyal to your growth and self-transformation despite any relationship you choose to exist in. As law of attraction states, if you continually tend to your most important relationship (yourself), you will attract that in other things including external relationships.

Thierra Walker


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