“Dear Zuck”. Fuck!
Keith Teare

Well, I’m surprised…that you are! As a serial entrepreneur this happen all the time people with more money or more VC support than you will ALWAYS try to steal somebody else works… in this case yours.

It happens to us almost every year, some company or big guys thinks that you might die on the way… the only way I found to fight that, was to have a business model and customers.

They can copy you, but can you hustle harder than them? I’m broke, and no VCs will ever invest on me, so I’m far more powerful than those thiefs cause my focus will always be to make business and proove MY idea is the right one…. in the end because money is easy for them, they juste move on to steal someone else and they’ll never go deep into what you are trying to build as you are, to me this only means that this is the right time to prove, that you’ll work more than them, sleep less than them, speak less than them…and make it work, prove that you were worth this attention.

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