Delhi, Feb 9

I really wondered when i should start the first part of my delhi blog , as i constantly had second or third thoughts about the best moment to launch it and whether i would be able to edit a few pictures in local wifi conditions. Yes im still confused about such a big and dry and dusty city. I never stayed more than two weeks in the same place in India before, always hopping on and off from one site to the other, and now it will be two full weeks since we landed from Paris on Jan 29. I use “we” as several parts of me had a specific reason to come to India and the main purpose of this 2 month trip would be to put these parts together by the beginning of April.

Lets remember I left India in November 2016 in the middle of demonetization crisis. Nowadays, No more endless queues in front of Atm, and although you can only change maximum lots of Usd 80 every four to five days, things seem to be normal.

I had decided to get progressively used to life here by indulging into an international hotel , just to get used to the spices in the food and then to downgrade to a smaller place close to my hindi school before moving to a rented room in an apartment. I basically skipped phase 2 by moving directly to the rented room in Greater Kailash 1, in a lovely and quiet residential district of south delhi. In big cities like Delhi or sao paulo, you want your home to get close to your work: this is what I did. My hindi school is 1,5 km from my home, my yoga school is nearby and so is my gym. If you come to a place with a view to stress down, there is nothing better to avoid the hectic traffic of New Delhi city. it comes to a climax point of non respect of pedestrians, rickshaw drivers, tuktuk… and you wonder whether car drivers, car owners have a real passenger car drivers license. it is so messy and noisy in the streets and people just seem to know how to beep the horn, from the simple tuktuk driver to the small uber car to the big limousines. An endless concert of horns .

That summarizes quite well what happens here and you find rather funny billboards as can be seen below.

New delhi is a big building site with new metro lines ( on the Japanese or Korean system of charging clients) , new roads, new apartment blocks, new houses, everybody digging something with women working on building sites.

And that puts more dust everywhere from the simple cleaner dusting off the road with a straw broomstick to the big works. We live in permanent dust. I spare you the dusty picture…you know what it looks like. As westerners we like to walk on the street but sometimes it becomes impossible with the dirt, dust, traffic,….so we must learn to navigate across this mess without becoming a walking dust bag.

I started my Hindi class and realize i had no intention to spend my life writing in hindi as im a very bad artist.

After pages and pages of characters and a cramp in my fingers I decided to opt for smoother and private lessons where i can start speaking and writing at my pace and i must say its going really well. I must thank my house mates, and my friends yogesh and gurdeep on this hindi roadmap.

The yoga classes will start next week in a lovely little house nearby, 4 times a week.

I had so many problems to find the house as address here can be confiusing with Block number … and nobody really knows their address by heart. All set now. Just looking for a nice Vipassana place in India before leaving the country on April 3.

Vipassana is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion. We must stay 10 days in a row meditating, no talking with any one, no phone, no book, no contact with the outside media… and lectures at night with healthy organic food. Im still looking for the right place that can accommodate me on my schedule.

To be followed

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