Rajasthan nov 21: jodhpur jaipur

The world is basically so small and Brazil getting bigger that you might always bump into a Brazilian friend of yours in the most remote place on earth . That s what happened to me in jodhpur where i met Danilo from Sao Paulo and Goiania and his friend Gelcy. That was such a coincidence that we ended up touring Jodhpur together: here they are. We toured jodhpur historical extravaganza together, which of course has been delightful and much more funny. We did not go to the maharajah palace sublet partly to the Taj hotel group , belonging to the Tata conglomerate.

Those Rajasthan palaces are amazingly decorated with precious stones, gold, carvings, palanquins, upholsteries, war accessories which make you dream about former Indian culture. We eventually indulged in a nice coffee shop overlooking that old step-well in Jodhpur city center.

The cornerstone of the trip was the train trip from jodhpur to jaipur in 3tier air conditioned wagon. As Gustavo said, a bit like Guantanamo but very nice with friendly people after one hour, people getting used to this white yankee on board. I got to talk to a family in english of course and played with their one year kid, showing him a magazine on cars from France. The father is a consultant at E&y in Bengaluru on cloud technology. I was impressed by the receiver 1970 style listing of all passengers but my neighbour assured me that Indian railways would be in the cloud before end march 2017 with ipad…as tool. I dont know if they will be in the “cloud” but the announcement of a train derailing while on board was received like cold water in our face and people got nervous. This train reminded me of the 1970 second class train in France with plastic seating. But worth trying. Im looking forward to next train in Japan on Shinkansen.

Nothing better afterwards to indulge in Itc hotel in jaipur with nice Ayurvedic massages.

Today in Jaipur was so pleasant to see again the colorful Amberfort in company of Zaheer and using tuk tuk all the time. Worth trying and praying as in jaipur, the first cows of my trip appeared on the road.

Tonight im off to new delhi which will be my final destination in India. Im looking for Hindi classes for foreigners in February and march 2017 if someone knows good tips. The course ideally should be in Mumbai.

Good night