My diary, supporting AddressForAll, OpenStreetMap and Mapillary in Brazil

Meeting the team of the Pedagogical Support Center for the West of São Paulo. We’ll organize 2 training sessions with Geography teachers so that they can schedule workshops with their pupils.

Meeting Filipe Rocha and Leopoldo Arnaiz (Spain) for planning the AddressForAll project. March 5th 2020:

Meeting Raquel Rolnik, Professor of Urbanism at USP and opinion leader, and her team, after they wrote an interesting article on the Government of São Paulo announcement to use Peter Krauss came with me. Jan 13th 2020.

Meeting Diego Galvão from Médecins Sans Frontières, in order to plan Mapathons in 2020 as they need maps all around the world.

Meeting with Helder Azevedo, who set up and managed Here maps in LATAM from 2006 to 2014. Explaining OSM and inviting him to join the AddressForAll project (Jan 8th 2020):

Dec 19th: Taking advantage of my trip to Bezerros — PE (North Brazil) to meet the Secretary for traffic and security of the City Hall to convince them cover the town with Mapillary images so that Bezerros can be considered an example to follow.

Dec 11th :Meeting with Marcelo Freire, consultant for the third sector, who told me the recent law “Marco Regulatorio do terceiro setor” could help us finance the Association for the BEBA project:

Dec 10th: Event at Escola Politecnica USP on “Circular Economy and Sustainable Policies”

Dec 4th: Was invited for the Event on how to treat solid waste with several geographers taking part.

Dec 3rd: Meeting the team of the coordination for education of the State of São Paul, interested in training teachers to use OSM and Mapillary in their activities.

Nov 26th: Innovation Tech Day at “O Cubo”. Speaking about OpenStreetMap with the participants.

Nov 19th: Meeting the State of SP deputy, Sergio Victor, very interested in showing to governments and City Halls the advantages of using OSM and Mapillary :

Nov 19th: Event at the Secretary of State for environment for the state of SP:

Nov 13th Meeting with Prof. Caio Fontana and Rubens Almeida (GisBi) for a geoproject with OSM and the health of elders:

Nov 11th 2019: Meeting of the Geodireito committee at the Lawyer Association of SP (OAB SP) to discuss the project of law on having only one government map in Brazil :

Nov 7th Explaining OSM, and Mapillary at the Droneshow event:

Nov. 7th Presentation on OSM and Mapillary at the Santo André City Hall with Igor Eliezer :

Nov 6th Visiting the Startups present on the Welcome Tomorrow event 25.000 participants!

Oct. 30th: Event on Innovation at the "Cubo — Itau" in São Paulo where I was invited by Cileneu, the GRISTEC Presidente, the association of tracking companies. He loved the idea of the BEBA project (Open Data Base Of Addresses)

Oct. 28 2109: Video Call with the Ecorodovias & Gavio Group (Highways) in order to show them the Mapillary technology:

Oct. 22–24 2019 RM VALE TI fair in São José dos Campos.

Convincing companies to partner with Mapillary
Pictures with Eduardo Cury, Federal Deputy, Sergio Victor State Deputy, Vinicius de Souza, secretary of State for Science & Technology

Oct 18th 2019: Visiting entities and companies at the FENATRAN, important fair for logistics and transports:

Oct 15th 2019: Meeting with Roberto Spada, director of SENAI.

Oct 14th 2019: Meeting with Prof Dr. Eduardo Mario Dias from University of São Paulo, explaining OSM and looking for support for the BEBA project:

Oct. 10&12 2019: We were inivted to give apresentation durign the event organized by the Receita Federal for the SINTER project which aims to centralise the cadaster in Brazil:

Thierry defending OSM and the BEBA project (Brazilian Open DB of Addresses)
Igor Eliezer, João Soares, Peter Krauss and Thierry Jean (OSM community members) around Clovis Belbute Peres, in charge of the SINTER project.

Oct. 8th 2019: Meeting with Professor Caio Fontana from UNIFESP University

Oct 4th 2019 Presentation given at the State School Vicente Leporace in São Paulo, invited by the Water Proof Data Project team from FGV. Carolin Klonner, Fernanda Lima, Vangelis Pitidis and Mario:

October 3rd of 2019: Meeting with Tayguara Helou, President of the SETCESP in São Paulo , speaking about OSM and the BEBA project (Open DB of Addresses in Brazil):

Sept 30th 2019: I was invited to give a presentation at FGV for the MBA students of Busyness analytics and Big data in São Paulo with Professor Eduardo Francisco:

Sept 30th 2019: I visited Talentech, a 400 people company selling many solutions including speed cameras. They will have 14 vehicles going up and down the State of São Paulo for the next 4 years and they may put a BlackVue cameras with Mapillary in these vehicles:

September 21–23 2019: Brazilian Delegation present at State Of The Map 2019 in Heidelber: Wille Marcel, Silvana Camboim and Thierry Jean.

Speaking about the BEBA project. (Banco de Endereços Brasileiro Aberto)

September the 12th of 2019, in Paris at ETALAB with Jerôme Desboeufs, in charge of the project giving us a lot of advices on how to advance the BEBA project in Brazil (Brazilian Open Data Base of Addresses)

September 9th of 2019: Explaining how OSM and Mapillary can be useful to road administration companies, to ARTERIS team:

August 29th of 2019, in Brasilia, invited by the Casa Civil to give a conference in their "2 Workshop Tecnologias em Licenciamento Ambiental" on OSM and Mapillary:

August 29 of 2019 With Núbia Santos, Director of the Secretary for Digital Government in Brasilia, speaking about the BEBA project (Banco de Endereços Brasileiro Aberto)

August 30th of 2019: UnB, University of Brasilia, doing a presentation on OSM and MApillary to Helen Gurgel and visiting teachers from Campo Grande:

August 10th 2019 Smart City workshop at Universidade Federal of Bahia, Salvador — BA:

Youngsters showing their work done with Mapillary for mapping their communities and their problems, to Andre Fraga, secretary for Innovation and Environment of the Salvador City Hall.
Andre Fraga, secretary for Inovation adn Environment of the Salvador City Hall (

August 10th 2019: Visiting the Hub Salvador, Coworking and Accelerator sponsored by the City Hall:

MobAPPS, 2 years old startup, already paying US$ 4.000/month to Gmaps, enchanted to discover OpenStreetMap

July 25th 2019: Meeting at COMTACTI in São PAulo:

Philip Gold — world wide specialist of the iRap project, planning to do a similar project for PEdestrian, with the use of Mapillary
Carlos Joffe, COMTACTI CEO will provide 10TBof images for the Mapillary platform

July 26th 2019: Receiving another batch of 1000 OSM business cards:

July , Explaining OSM and Mapillary to Brashuman and their partner companies, working in the traffic and traffic signs area:

July 2019: Taking advantage of our trip to Recife to Visit companies which may have images to upload on Mapillary:

With João Medeiros, from ESSE engenharia.
And with Josy Albertini, from SN Sinalizadora:

July 3rdth 2019: Visiting the Cesar IT center, accelerator and University in Recife — PE and planning a future conference:

June 26 2019:Presentation about OpenStreetMap at the MundoGeo#Connect Event.

Team meeting after the presentation.
João Polles and Vilson kickov from Marechal Candido Rondo helped for the design of the OSM flyer. They plan to map the whole town with OSM and Mapillary.

June 18th 2019: Visiting Maplink, Apontador and TruckPad to convince them in using OSM:

June 2019: Visiting the ANTT National Agency for Terrestrial Transports:

June 2019: Meeting the EPL team in Brasilia. Tiago Baroni, ready to hel with his spear time for the BEBA project:

Tiago Baroni (in the middle), volunteer to help develop the BEBA project.

June 2019: At the Receita Federal, in Brasilia, Video conference with the project team, brainstorming about the SINTER project:

June 2019: I was invited to give a presentation on OpenStreetMap and Mapillary at the 3ra Semana do Planejamento DNIT:

Many companies present, specialized in collecting images.
I met Silvio Medici, president of ABEETRANS (Brazilian association for traffic engeneering companies), who introduced me to all their members.

June 2019: Meeting with Scicrop for the “Rotas Rurais” project from the Secretary of State of agriculture of the São Paulo Government:

May 3oth 2019: I was invited to participate in the SUMMIT Mobilidade Urbana

May the 22nd of 2019: I was invited to give a presentation on OSM and Mapillary during the 4th Frotas Conectadas (Connected Fleets).

May the 9yh of 2019: Meeting Fabio Bravin from INEP, in São Paulo. They will upload 140.000 schools with their GPS positions to OSM:

May the 7th of 2019: DNIT receiving Ryan Cook from Mapillary, and myself, in Brasilia. They will upload 55.000 km of roads to the platform:

May 6th 2019 Meeting with Gilberto Perre, General Manager of The national Front of Mayors (FNP):

May 2019. As we were reading in the press about the privatization of the Brazilian Post Office: "Correios", the OSM community published a manifest about the importance of letting the Brazilian Zipcode, CEP, open in case of privatization of the company.

We were received on May the 6th by the team of the Secretaria de Desestatização (Privatization Secretary) of the federal government.

April 2019: Invitation from CNM (National Confederation of Municipalities) for an OSM representant to take part of the National meeting of mayors. 10.000 visitors!

In ENGEX booth at CNM event. They have 6000 km of street and roads with images done with Garmin Virb. They are willing to upload them to Mapillary:

Meeting with Marcus Fuckner from ANA (The National Agency for Water). They are using OSM but will use it more, inclusive OSMcha to have reports for all edits done on water masses, in Brazil, by OSM community:

Meeting with Filipe Rocha (Urbithings) and Clóvis (Receita Federal). Brainstorming on the best way to organize data for the SINTER project from the Receita Federal, which aims to control all real estate in Brazil.

May 2019: Visiting the Campinas City Hall with Ryan Cook, from Mapillary. Rogerio and Rodrigo organized a presentation to all departments of the City Hall.

Ryan Cook — Mapillary

April the 16th of 2019: Visiting the Brazilian Association for Logistics for the BEBA Project (Banco De Endereços Brasileiro Aberto — Brazilian Open Data Base of Addresses)

April the 15th of 2019: Presentation at the Federal University of ABC with Professor Flavia Feitosa and the help of Peter Krauss:

Peter Krauss, active member of OSM community
Peter Krauss, active member of OSM community

At the SmartCity expo in Curitiba. Here with Emerson Granemann, MundoGeo CEO:

SmartCity Expo in Curitiba: Speaking about OSM with Felicio Ramute, Mayor of São José dos Campos:

Smart City Expo: Spreading the word about OSM and Mapillary with ACM Neto, Mayor of Salvador da Bahia and

Smart City Expo: Explaining OSM and Mapillary to Guti, Mayor of Gurarulhos.

February 2019: Taking advantage of being in France to go to London for 1 day and visit the “Move 2019” event and meet Jan Erik, Mapillary’s CEO and co-founder.

Februay the 7th of 2019: Meeting at the Santo André City Hall:

February the 4th of 2019: Meeting with the President of the Comercial Association of Santo Antonio do Pinhal — SP. Inviting them to register their more than 70 hotels on OSM and cover the town with Mapillary images.

January 28th of 2019: Explaining to Max and from Multispectral, traditional map company in São PAulo, about OSM:

December 2018: Promoting event for the Smart City Expo at the Octavio Café in São Paulo:

December 14th 2018, Visiting theCampinas City Hall: Rogerio and Rodrigo, in charge of the Geo tecnologies.

December 14th, 2018,Campinas: Launching of the project Rotas Rurais by the secretary of State for Agriculture of the State of São Paulo. In the CATI Auditorium.

November 2018: Visiting the DroneShow event and speaking about in every single booth.

November 29th of 2019: I was invited to speak in the SBIDE event for the 10 years of the INDE (National Infrastructure of Spatial Data) at IBGE in Rio de Janeiro:

With João Bosco, Diretor of the Geoscience department, at IBGE

November 8th 2019 at Fundação Getulio Vargas, for the launching of the project "Water Proof Data".

With Prof Alexander Zipf from the Heidelberg University

October 31th of 2019, meeting with Flavio and Peter Krauss for the integration of OSM in apps Flavio develops)

October 23rd of 2018: Presentation of OSM to the board of REMESP-Rede Metrologica de Estado de São Paulo

October 2018: Explaining OSM and Mapillary to Pernambuco Federal university in Recife:

October 2018: Visiting the APAC (Pernambuco Agency for Waters) in Recife and negotiating with them giving to OSM the images of the PE3D project:

September 2018 at SOTM LATAM in Buenos Aires

Here with Rubens (Development Seed — Peru), Tristan Nelson (Apple — USA), Wille Marcel (Brazil — OSMcha)

September 2018. Meeting at DNIT explaining OSM and Mapillary:

September 2018: Meeting at SERPRO for the SINTER project:

September 2018: One more meeting with PeterKrauss, working on the

September 2018. Meeting at Receita Federal, explaining the advantages of OSM technologies for the SINTER project.

September 2018: Visiting the OSASCO City Hall:

September 2018: Explaining OSM to CENADE team in Brasilia (Civiel defense)

September 2018: Speaking about OSM at FOSS4G in Brasilia and spreading the word with OSM flyer:

July 2018: Explaining OSM to the GEO lab team at Federal University of Pernambuco in Caruaru.

July 2018 at the Federal University of Caruaru, State of Pernanbuco. Speaking about future and OSM for 100 students.

June 2018: Mapathon and conference given to 80 youngsters, part of the pre-military course GEPMA in Bezerros, PE:

June 2018: Was invited to do a presentation for the Brazilian army with General Pedro Paulo, Colonel Márcio Matos and the team:

June 2018:

Meeting at Secretary of Hydric resources for the State of Pernambuco

June 2018: After our visit to The Minister of Economy in March 2015 ans April 2018, the CONCAR (National Commission for Cartography) ha published a note, recommending the use of OSM to Brazilian Governments.

May 2018. Visiting EMPLASA for the use of OpenStreetMap in the project of Rural routes of the secretary of Agriculture of São Paulo. Priscila Mason, Adilson Piveta and Eduardo Nakamura. Peter Krauss with me on the OSM side.

May 2018 at the MundoGeo Event with IBGE team

MundoGeo 2018: Clóvis Belbute Peres and Marco Antônio Breves speaking about the SINTER project, from the Receita Federal. With the SINTER project the Receita Federal aims to have the controle of every single real estate in Brazil. It is a huge and very ambitious project.

May 2018: We were invited to organize a presentation at the Mundo Geo Event. It was a success with good audience, to the point, Emerson Granemann, the CEO of the event, invited us to participate in Mundo Geo 2019:

At MundoGeo Event 2018 with Prof Artur Caldas from UFBA and Peter Krauss
At Mundogeo Event 2018 with Jundiaí team. Guess who is the one people call “Boina”

April 2018: I was invited to speak at the GEO Event in São Vicente, with City Hall members of all the region:

April 2018, Meeting Thiago Marra from INCRA and Carlos Eduardo Leite from Necto Systems (Ex president of Python Brasil), which developed the SIGEF program for INCRA with OpenSW:

April 2018: Visiting the INCRA in BRasilia: Judson Matos and Thiago Marra:

April 2018 Visiting the Ministry of Towns in Brasilia With Silvio Figueiredo their director, Nathan Oliveira and Jose Cruz.

April 2018: Meeting with Augusto Herrman and Roberto Lyra from Planing Ministry for digital economy.

April 2018: Meeting with Ernesto Batista and Fernando Franke from Ministery of Planning and CONCAR, in Brasilia:

April 2018. Meeting at Guarulhos City-hall. Explaining OSM.

March 2018: Explaining OpenStreetMap to Gustavo Cunha, Superintendente da Vice Presidencia de Operações dos Correios, together with Peter Krauss:

My article was published on MundoGeo website and Magazine

OpenStreetMap: Uma comunidade de governos e não somente de pessoas

November 2016. Took part in the organization of the SOTM LATAM in São Paulo. Vitor George, who lead the organization, asked me to be the Master of Cerimony of the event.

STOTM LATAM 2015 in Chile. I had the chance to take part and give a presentation.

Here is the video of my presentation.

SOTM World 2014 in Buenos Aires: I had the chance to take part:

I am French, living in Brazil for many years. IT, Start-ups, Open Source, OpenStreetMap are my interests.

I am French, living in Brazil for many years. IT, Start-ups, Open Source, OpenStreetMap are my interests.