Face Uncertainty and Fear to Strengthen you .

When we start this journey call life we don’t know what is waiting for us. first of all We are all born crying and scared but the good news is whatever you’ve “been through”, “going through” the positive, the negative and the Ugly is a blessing. why? because you were brought to this planet to live all that; things will happen around you or happen to you; all that fall in of how you deal with it and they will be more challenges “waiting on you”, right around the corner.

“ You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”

A lot of people deal with 10%, every morning they wake up and start complaining how bad is their life and say that they don’t have the stuff, the connections, the qualifications, the money, the weather is not right, they don’t have the time, they are not ready…..they will still be there until the sun goes down; but you still have 90% to show the world what you truly can do. There is a quote saying that

life is 10% of what you’ve dealt with and 90% of how you deal with it

The way you understand life is very important for your journey;

how do you understand it?

You walk out of the door with all the problems and challenges that we are facing and take on wherever life throws at you will define you; “they define who you are”

we as human unfortunately we got caught up in things that doesn’t matter and has no meaning to us.

You need to tell yourself STOP! come on STOP!!!! Use your name

Listen carefully; lock yourself in a room and shut the f*** up and go inside yourself, your soul , …. search your abilities and your mind; you’ve got to go and find it…things might happen around you and things might happen to you but the only things that count are things that happen in you. Your beliefs will tap in; I don’t know what you believe in? if you are not looking for it, you won’t find it,you got to go and find it and that where your journey starts.

Ask yourself quality questions; start always with WHY?

Gratitude keeps you alive: your health, you have shelter, your family, your career or bussiness….Then put your best smile on your face; being truly grateful will set you to push and grid more and remember that progress is in your way leading you to happiness.

Your attitude is “key and crucial”. why is that? we all know that society judge us by our attitude and impressions we give every day.

we are always in tendency to explain and justify our behaviour to fits in; Your emotions are controlled by you and only yourself,Period! Don’t let society take charge!!

Remember that you owe nothing to anybody, In the face of adversity you are likely not going to smile or start jumping over that you are happy…. When life is hitting you with a brick!! Because life is gonna hit you very bad from so many unexpected ways; take responsibility no matter what, be in control of your attitude taking right decisions; be intentional toward what you want and be prepared to face more challenges because the punches will come from everywhere, it will hurts at first but take them with a good attitude and use it to your advantage. “Accept your fear” and have faith

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King Jr

3 important things to consider:

  2. ACT

Decide what you want to do today and build from there; take a simple task that keep you moving forward. For example making your bed , get organised, start writing that book or that podcast, pick that phone and call that friend or relatives that you miss, start that workout, start that business or prepare that job interview etc.

Just take the first step because “that journey will start with a single step” taking that big decision will be key with your lifestyle circle and make sure that your decisions are clearly written down.

Remember that “Not deciding is a decision too

Take massive determined Actions everyday following a simple plan with things that you enjoy and curious about.

Act, Learn, Build, and bet on Actions only

It will excite you and that where the dopamine and the neuron chemical will flow even if you don’t know where you are heading; Life will start talking to you and you will attract the people, resources and the universe will respond to you … now you are moving and growing…. Motivate yourself… push yourself, Reward yourself…..build from your fears and doubt to be more stronger in taking more actions.

Keeping the momentum and understand that the path you are taking will be messy,hard and painful at first, commitment to progress will bring “happiness” and results at the end. Just bet on actions only.

“Progress equal to happiness” Tony Robbins

Relationship that you will build with actions and emotions will attract people and resources to support you, get used and adapt quickly to the new you territory.

Once you are on that path don’t look back, get obsessed improving yourself, they will be days that you won’t feel like doing anything, but transcend yourself and you will be amazed how your brain will pick up after a moment in the process, you will start to have a sens of meaning.

Just Repeat the process.

Your brain will trick you at first; you will receive messages saying that success is painful, it’s hard, it’s tough to get on top, it’s impossible because i am not connected, because I don’t have money, no education….

I will start telling myself:

This is not the right time,

I will start tomorrow and you know that tomorrow never comes,

I will start next month….

There is loads of excuses to not act on your goals and dreams.

We don’t want to wake up early, we don’t want to wear the mug boats and go to work, we don’t want our hands to get dirty, we don’t want to workout, we don’t want to research,we don’t want to go through the details, we don’t want to go through the exhaustion, we don’t want responsibilities,…. You will be scared to act on your big goal. Train and condition your brain to take pleasure in the process.

To achieve important things requires sacrifices

You will give up your cookies; Humm… I love them cookies

You will give up on your favourite TV show…. Game of thrones… oh non!! Empire… Keeping up with the Kardashians……

You will give up going out weekends.

You will give up on your friends and some members of your family.

you will literally be uncomfortable but the human brain likes the comfort zone to avoid pain.

whatever fear is addressing you: Like starting your business, speaking in public, take that degree program, masters or doctorate, losing weight or exercise for the dream body and achieving your wildest dream; taking a plunge, jumping of the plane is the the first thing to do and figure out on your way down how to grow wings… If you don’t take actions immediately that fear is going to grow day by day, hour by hour and it becomes psycho-logic to the point that you will run.

If you can face it and be uncomfortable for a moment; you will realise that it wasn’t really a big deal; you realise that it wasn’t scary as i thought.

Fear is like the fire and time is like wood

You take that first step and you build from there, but if you don’t it’s like you are putting more wood on that fire all because it’s builds up over time; I’ve seen people runs and in panic attack; you’ve put yourself against a giant wall; taking a leap of faith and face your fear even if you are rubbish first time; So what!! who cares??? we all sacks at first, everyday you wake up; you walk into the dark, you don’t know what’s going to happen during the day; you have to get back up for living no matter what.

To pull yourself through the dark moment of your life, it requires “Actions and Actions everyday”. Get to work toward something, stay on the move always

Start with what you’ve got in place, bring creativity around….sometime actions will require you confession and affirmations; it’s powerful to say what you want to happen in your life and believing it with all your heart; I started by affirming that I am strong. It was in a period of my life that I had a heartbreaking, lost my confidence, emotional cracked and uncertain about my future, stress and fear was in me and i didn’t know at the time what i was going to do. My survival mode kicked in; I was vulnerable and my confidence was gone.

Accepting vulnerability doesn't mean that you are weak, it gets you in a position of strength and courage to rise stronger. I decided to act and conditioned my mind to be resilient.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real

The real change started when i faced my fear and step up against my comfort zone and working on creating a new future. Strength becomes my new identity.

Call of Action

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