Why this word has become part of the Mantra in this time and generation? there is so many ways that you will define it; the word itself is powerful by the sound of it, with the ups and downs in our lives; people are using it to get motivated and go to make it.

“Good things happen to those who hustle” Anais Nin

The word has a lot of energy expressed in terms of taking actions; every one has the way of defining it and how they feel about it. hustling allow us to surface our identity by what to do? who we are about to become? (our destiny). The big picture and purpose of hustling is about acting towards your goals and achieving them.

They are days that you will feel really down or things will go wrong with challenges and dark time that we faces in our work life; so many people are loosing interest with their career or business because of that lack of passion and sens of freedom everyday, they just decide to quit! But picking up yourself and follow your course until success will give you a sens of achieving and who you are aiming to become. You will be challenged, you will fail time and time but failing and coming back again and again will bring to the winning mode. Ask yourself what drives me? what do i really want and what is the reasons?

Doing things which moves you emotionally, doing things energetically, doing things that moves you entrepreneurial will give you a sens of fulfilment and freedom immediately; move to the sens of an adventure to cool the pressure down and go around or navigate the world and ask the big questions: who am I? where i want to go and how am I gonna get there? Hustle is about how to answer those big questions.

Working will require you to understand how you operate with people; find the right people who you will help and who will help you back in your projects, business or whatever what you are doing? Don’t worry about being perfect; we are all imperfect; listening to how you are doing things and stay patient until the end of your project; stay active and be aware of the timing; you will learn a lot about yourself and other when you are being a good servant and expecting to receive; you will be able to see things that other don’t see and you will connect the dots.

Keep doing what you are suppose to do by hustling will give you a good taste of life and you will find your own path as an entrepreneur or a leader; Be willing to take little risks everyday.

The idea is about motions, movements, active and recognise your identity today and in the next 10 years you will be different. Be flexible and ready to embrace changes; meeting with people that you can support and can support you too is important; be open to that change because change is the natural course of life; running the small experiments or projects, it could be the side hustles adding values and enrich your life.

If you start to design your life everyday differently; changes will happen of course.

Stay in the hustle mode always.

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