I travel, I see, and I understand

The way we see things may different. People can see traveling as simple as enjoying the place that they visit. For me, it’s more than that. How I see the place that I visit, how it brings me message, how it reflects to me.

Traveling is addicting. When I go to the places that you have dreamed before, it feels amazing. I feel it real. No matter how good a picture can capture, feeling it by myself is always the best. The more I travel, the more myself is pushing to go to another place. I don’t mind walking for kilometers, flying, or even driving for hours. Sometimes to reach places need extra times and effort. But so far, it is always worth it. That is what making me want to travel more.

Traveling is more than just traveling. I can see different environment, habit, or even small things that I have never seen before. I can feel different weather and atmosphere. I can see how different city has different taste of architecture related to their history. I can taste different kind of food and it reflects what are the citizen interested in. I can see what are the differences between people in another countries. I can feel different kind of waves that the beach gives it to me. I can feel the thing that I can get it in my home. I have touched the snow, I have ever felt freezing, and I have been in a very hot places. After I see things, I understand. That every places has its own uniqueness. Every countries and cities has its own culture that they believe in. I might not used to differences, that is why I have to adapt. Every places has its own rules.

Traveling brings me unexpected things. I have ever walked from Bugis Street MRT Station until Hotel 81 Bencoolen which is couple kilometers while I was carrying suitcases. I have ever lost in the middle of Alas Purwo National Park. I expected to get Plengkung Beach but I was sad because they are closed by time I arrived. I have ever trapped in a traffic on my way to Klayar Beach. I have ever met a nice woman on a tram when I was looking for Starbucks Coffee in Melbourne CBD. I have ever met an entertaining yet funny chocolate seller in Central Market. I have ever walked back and forth from Circulay Quay to Darling Harbour. And sometimes, those unexpected things are the most precious and memorable.

And more, and more. Traveling made me meet new people, involved in small chat with strangers, and another unexpected things. That’s all the reason why I choose to go far, to collect experiences and memories. The more I travel, the more I see, the more I understand.

(p.s this notes based on personal views and experience, just share and enjoy.)