TL;DR: Google updated its Google Play policies and we updated the AppBrain SDK to be fully compliant with the policies. Apps with older SDK versions need to upgrade to version 16.00 or later before June 28.

(Edit: the enforcement date was originally May 29th, but we discussed with Google to extend this to June 28th)

On April 16th, Google updated its Google Play policies and among many changes it added more restrictions on apps violating user’s privacy, or being able to do so. …

On December 10th, Google sent out emails “[Action Required] Switch to the Play Referrer API by March 1, 2020” to many Android developers. The AppBrain SDK could be the cause, as the SDK tracks referrals and shows them in the Analytics part of our dashboard.

Short summary: what should I do?

  • If you take no action, and your apps are using a SDK version from before July, the referral analytics on the AppBrain dashboard will stop working in March 2020.
    The warning from Google is *not* a policy warning and your app is not at risk to be taken down because of this. Your earnings from the AppBrain SDK are also not affected by this. …

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I have been exploring Java tools to perform easy data analysis of big datasets, since our production systems at are Java-based.

Data frames are popular tools for Data Science in R and Python (through pandas). A good data frame implementation makes it easy to import data, filter and map it, calculate new columns, create aggregations, and more.

I chose three Java open source dataframe libraries from Github: tablesaw, joinery, and morpheus (I also shortly looked at datavec, but couldn’t make it do what I wanted, more on that later). …


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