Use these 5 simple steps and I will write about you

Every week I get emails from people who want me to write about their projects, from their latest photography to new paintings to lamps. But almost all of them screw it up with their cold emails. That is why I try to help you succeed and help me discover great new things. So don’t send an email to your whole family in the cc with me as well (especially if we have never met). Also, don’t send me emails that consist of 1 single image. Trust me, it happens.

Do your fucking homework
I just hate the emails that start of with “dear sir/madam.” It only takes you 15 seconds to look up my name and to figure out that I am a mister and not a misses. This will allow us to start off on the right foot. And if you can refer to a mutual friend or someone else we both know, that will definitely make me have a look at your project.

Everybody loves compliments, right? If you are sincere and tell me that you like a certain article or topic that I have written about before and you compliment me about it, it works. The least I can do is reply to thank you. That’s a conversation starter. And the next thing you know I have written about your third project.

Make it relevant
If you can find out that I have written about similar projects to yours before and reference to them, that would help a lot. It would make me curious to read the rest of your email and seriously check out the rest of your portfolio.

Don’t stalk me, seriously
It happens, over and over again. I have people emailing me with every single update about their events I never went to. That’s called spam. Or even PR agencies call me 9 times, desperately wanting me to visit an art show of one of their clients. Just act like a normal person.

If you dare to put me on a mailing list, at least ask. Otherwise this is called spam. This way we can start of on the right foot. Or are you into spam? Because I have never had a friend of mine come up to me and talk about a great piece of spam that changed his life.

Prepare a press kit
You can help me out big time, by actually preparing and including a press kit (press release, a set of high res images, biography, etc.). This will really increase your chances of actually getting mentioned in the press. Most likely I will copy and paste bits and pieces from it and turn those into an article.

If other publications have written about your project, this could be worth mentioning, since it tells me that other editors in the same field decided that it was worth mentioning. I will have a close look if I think the same.

So, in the end, your email could end up looking something like this:

Hi Thijs,

I just discovered your blog and I really like the selection you have made with all the designer lamps. We just finished our first collection, and they look a bit like the “Neverending Glory” collection by Jan and Henry for Lasvit that you have mentioned in one of your articles.

We have added a press kit with a lot of images.

What do you think?


So use these tips, and make my life a bit easier and more fun! Thanks!

I write about the books I read, the art and design that I see, creative entrepreneurship and the people I meet.

I write about the books I read, the art and design that I see, creative entrepreneurship and the people I meet.