PoS Mining Guide

What is PoSToken?

PoSToken is the world’s initially Evidence of-Stake savvy contract token on Ethereum stage. Read their ANN in Bitcointalk for facilitate information.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - https://postoken.org/ 
AND ANN THREAD - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2110712.0

PoSToken is the main token that can be automined. The fundamental mining instrument has been now clarified a zillion circumstances, yet I’ll do it once again: in the event that you utilize a customer that can interface with contracts (like myEtherWallet), you can utilize the mint() work from the agreement, else, you can send any measure of POS to your own record and that will likewise trigger printing. Here’s a decent instructional exercise in the event that regardless you require some assistance: Essential PoSToken Mining Aide.

Use this site to calculate PoS mining frequency- https://calculator.postoken.org/

1st System: Mine each second
Great attempt, however devs deny this one. As the majority of you definitely know, the reward must be acquired each three days. From day three to day ninety the reward increments relatively and after it gets topped.
2nd Technique: Mine each 90 days
As the reward increments with time, we can feel that possibly perhaps the best system is mining each 90 days to limit ethereum charges (each time you call the mint capacity, you need to pay the exchange expense) yet that is not valid. The aggregate intrigue improves a result to mine regularly, on the grounds that on each consequent mining you have more tokens. Truly you get the most PosTokens by mining as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances.
3rdTechnique: Mine each 3 days
This is the technique that will get you more PoSTokens over the long haul. For instance, on the off chance that you begin with 15 tokens, you’ll complete the primary year with 36,66765.
How about we see two or three diagrams, Both demonstrate the last number of tokens versus the quantity of days you hold up to mine. The first is with a beginning parity of 15 PoSToken
This one is additionally the costlier technique since we pay a tx expense everytime we do mine. To get an ideal answer for the mining recurrence issue we need to consider the estimation of the printed tokens versus the cost of stamping. I’m apprehensive yet this is the place things get more entangled as it relies upon the quantity of tokens you have, the estimation of PoSTokens versus ETH, and tx charges.
4th Methodology: The Really Ideal Procedure
To acquire an ideal arrangement, we’ll ascertain the incentive in ETH of the tokens we’ll have following a year and subtract the gas paid to mint them.
Utilizing the insignificant gas cost of 1 Gwei in MyEtherWallet, the cost of stamping utilizing the mint() work is 0.00144858 ETH, however you can trigger mining by sending POS to yourself, and (again utilizing 1 Gwei as gas value) that will cost you just 0.000065262 ETH. This is critical: Constantly mint utilizing insignificant gas cost in MEW and sending tokens to your own address as instrument of stamping.

n mint = Total time / Period of mining

The ideal recurrence of mining depends of the quantity of tokens you claim, their esteem, and the cost of exchange. To limit the cost of tx, dependably send tokens to your own wallet as printing system. For whatever is left of the qualities, connect these 3 recipes to a spreadsheet and you’ll get the incentive for you now. In the event that despite everything you have questions, ask in the remarks. On the off chance that you experience difficulty with the spreadsheet, request it, I may transfer one if there’s any enthusiasm on it.

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