Trump & Putin — Similar Peas From Two Different Pods?

Psychologists seem to like to fit us all into personality types in order to help explain our behaviors: introvert or extrovert, dominant or submissive, passive or aggressive, narcissism or altruism. All are traits or tendencies that get packaged in different ways into categorized personality types, each type displaying similar actions and behaviors.

I’m no psychologist and a lot of that stuff is Greek to me. Perhaps a few of these mental physicians will step in to give us a comparison of these two men, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, who seem to share what I consider to be remarkably similar traits in their personalities and views. It’s a comparison, I am a bit surprised hasn’t been made.

Granted, they were born into and formed by two completely different environments. That is why the similarities become so interesting.

Billionaires both, they’ve pursued their endeavors in wealth and power with a penchant to “take no prisoners.” As consummate achievers and users, each believes their goals have justified their means. They have built their empires with leverage, threats, secret negotiations and flamboyance, to name a few shared tactics. They both display tremendous egos and by all accounts both are viewed as narcissistic of which being grandiose, contemptuous, cruel, secretive, and critical of others are just some of the characteristics.

A belief they seem to share is that they are gifts to their countries. Putin thinks he knows what is best for Russia and will be it’s savior and bring to his country the power it deserves. Trump makes similar statements. Both fan the flames of patriotism and blame the outside world for the evils facing each country. They both adhere to the idea of walls, force, and never yielding to the other point of view, and that other countries are little more than competitors, a threat and as needed, a source of raw materials and wealth instead of partners on this earth which need to work together in order to fix the messes which face the entire world of today.

They both seem to carry disdain for others and have a penchant for solving problems by banging heads instead of shaking hands. I’ll stop with the comparisons there. Surely more are to be found, and I’d welcome hearing them, along with some psychologists’ input. And those who don’t see the similarities…have at it! Look forward to hearing from you as well.