Loser’s Camp (Part. 1)


A place for the most unfortunate people of the region. Some people claimed that anyone who joins the camp is a lost case, others that is a rehab for losers.

The truth is that no one really knows what this is really about.

Once a year this camp recieves 20 participants during the summer. 7 days of hard work and life-changing experiences.

If you want to participate in this project, you have to register on the camp’s website, complete several quizzes and personality tests and lastly, making a $500 dolar payment (with no refund policy).

The name of the selected participants are displayed during the local news.

This month the CEO made a special press conference at the Civic Square, the same day all the entries for the camp were sold out.

“We’ve been running this camp for many years now:
Making unforgettable experiences and having lots of fun.”
That’s why this year, celebrating our 15th anniversary,
we are planning to make a complete unique experience:
A reality show experience”.
Cynthia Clovis, CEO of Loser’s Camp.

People didn’t knew how to react. Some were cheering and clapping, others just seemed confused. Rumor has it she scheduled it that day on purpose, because now each participant can’t quit after being selected (as noted in the fine print located at the end of the contract that nobody reads).

What could go wrong?

The camp is located at the middle of a vast forest, outside the city and 5 minutes away from the Clitbo River. The camp have 12 cabins: 10 for the participants, housing two people each; The principal’s cabin and a large one called The Rendez-vouz.

The entire perimetre is protected by a long wall of trunks and two large doors at the front for the entrance and at the back, that leads to a trail near the river.

“The dynamic is simple: All the activities are secret, revealed to the contestants in location. The participants will be divided two teams and during the final day, all members of the winning team will compete against each other to win
The Ultimate Prize: A 3 million-dollar prize.
- Amanda Raven, Field Coordinator of Loser’s Camp

So good to be truth, right?

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