Let’s go outside

Unplugging from this world, from this city, from all of this… every so often is important for my sanity.

Being tied to my inbox, this MacBook Air, these applications are killing my creative spirit. Perhaps it’s because I got into the creative space before any of these hindrances and distractions were around. Perhaps it’s because I can’t stand staring at a laptop screen for too long. Perhaps it’s because living in San Francisco, the weather is nice all year round which makes me not want to be inside.

Since being exposed to the outdoors and the various activities one can do while in nature, I’ve completely reorganized my life around the need to keep a balance of plugged in time and time unplugged.

Living in SF means I have easy access to explore outdoor opportunities. Besides accessibility, simply being able to go outdoors and feel comfortable is another contributing factor in my need of a balanced lifestyle. Nowadays, there are a number of local, regional, and national companies, established and new, offering products and services accomplishing this.

We are seeing a new set of modern explorers embarking on experiences that will no doubt change how they interact with the world. People are packing up their life and traveling via foot, bike, plane, and van. These people are now discovering new lands in their own backyards, in their own country. Not only are they discovering the outdoors, these nomads are also discovering new things within themselves, learning who they really are while getting an opportunity to clear their minds without the distractions they face in a connected world.

Companies like Patagonia and Hipcamp are providing the products and services needed to bring people out of their homes and into the outdoors.

Whether these companies think they have a social mission or not, I believe they are adding value back into the world. In my opinion, none of these apps or day-to-day services we use, our jobs, our daily lives matter unless we have a planet to live on. And if outdoor companies inspire each of us to learn more about ourselves and our environment, then we all come back to our everyday life with a more conscious mind, a more considerate perspective when it comes to us and our planet.

Personally, and because of this, I am stepping into the person I know I am. My work, my personal life, my relationships are all benefiting because I’m able to unplug, go outside, and unwind from the stress and demands of modern life. I come back refreshed and with new insights on topics on the front of my radar. I come back from each outdoor trip with new perspectives, stories, and memories that will live in me forever.

I can only imagine if more people, from high schoolers to senior citizens, spent just a few hours at their local park or a weekend camping… or even traveling beyond our boarders to see another country’s natural beauty. Just think of what they will discover, what they will realize within themselves, the connection they will have with our planet, and the life they will live moving forward. How fantastic.