Disrupt Your Thinking

It was just last year that I found myself sitting on the cold floor in my room, panic attack after another, struggling to shut my mind off for just a second so I could breathe. Like so many other millennials out there, at 25, I was experiencing a “quarter life crisis.”

I was going through a major breakup, coincidentally with the person who had become my biggest mentor. Trying single handedly to manage and run a startup from the ground up, and at the same time figure out the meaning or reasoning behind this unexpected cataclysm.

Thankfully one of my best friend’s, Erica, introduced me to the concept of pranic healing after repeated nights of me calling her and jumping from “I’m fine, I can handle this.” to uncontrollable sobbing. She had been practicing it for a while and had even met with the masters of such practice. She swore by their results and told me to give loving-kindness meditation a try.

What’s loving-kindness? I asked myself the same thing and Googled it right there and then. It’s a practice based on the idea that it is in giving that we receive, you ask for blessings for the entire earth and focus on pouring out as much love and good energy as as you can conjure and by doing so you are fulfilling yourself and achieving happiness, peace and the feeling of security.

At first, I put it off in my head thinking,

Ok this just seems like another The Secret.” and because I really did NOT have the attention span to sit still for 30 minutes. The idea of giving half an hour of my time to ask for blessings, love, forgiveness for everyone else (yes, even those who’ve hurt you) seemed kind of counterproductive.

Wasn’t I already depleting myself completely? How could I have the energy to send out good vibes to others when I didn’t even have them myself?

Alas, one night where I felt like the whole world was collapsing on me, crushing my lungs, I decided to give it a chance.

Nothing else seemed to be working, so why not?

Fast forward a year later and I am finally beginning to see the fruits of those seeds I had been planting unknowingly by practicing this meditation.

I realized that the reason that I had been feeling the world was against me was because I had a mentality of lack. If someone else is successful, then that takes away from my piece of the pie (thus why I was so eager and desperate to get my startup running), that if someone else was happy that meant there was less happiness to go around, and so forth.

Practicing this mediation helped me switch to an abundance mentality.

We all deserve and can achieve happiness, other’s blessings and happiness don’t take away from mine so why not send them that love, energy and good vibes? It’s in giving, that we receive and boy have I received!

In a moment when I felt like I could not give anymore I discovered that even though I felt depleted, my heart continued to pour out love and kindness, and it continues to do so everyday.

This practice has helped me and can help many others and eventually can positively impact the world. We need to understand that there is enough happiness, success, and love to go around; so much that we may one day eventually stop trying to tear each other apart and instead understand that the universe is like a mirror, it gives back what we reflect.

The startup ecosystem is a great place to implement these practices. Instead of rallying to complain about systems/outdated practices: innovate. Instead of feeling bitter or envious for other’s successes: celebrate. Instead of focusing on all the things you still need: be grateful for all that you have and all that you have accomplished so far!

Support others in as many ways as you can, not just financially, but in any way that you possibly can, even meditating for their startup’s well being!

Bring in your own good vibes, knowing that if others have succeeded you will be able to do so as well and having the confidence that you will have the support, the love and the enlightenment you need every step of the way. Even though we may not be able to see results early on, let’s continue to plant the seeds of love, kindness and support each other in success and failure.

Good vibes all around, always.