The Conversation

Me: Do you know, why I like to sit here(beach)?
Her: No (anxiously)
Me: This sea, understands me completely. I don’t know how but it does. We spend very few hours with each other but yet it knows me very well and it helps me find answers to all of my problems. All I have to do is, go to its place and say everything. I do not leave anything in my heart because I know by some way it will find out the rest of the thing so I better say it upfront. So I say everything and it keeps on listening to me giving me a sign that ‘yes I am listening to you’.

I know, that massive reservoir of water does not have that many senses to understand me but still I say it because I feel good and I somehow convince myself that yeah it understands you.
Now that I told the sea everything, I feel good and a smile comes on my face. But that does not mean, my problems in life are solved. They are still present at their place.
Now I stare at the sea blushing. And in some time, I leave saying “thank you”.
There are 2 reasons why I say thank you,
1. Thank you for listening to me patiently
2. Thank you for bringing back the smile on my face.
I never seek for solutions from the sea, I know I am capable of solving my problems, what I seek is for understanding me. Understanding me for what I am, why I do something and what I want.
(wiping my tears)

Me: Now, you know why I said this to you?
Her: No (surprised)
Me: I want to become that sea for you. I promise to remain quiet for my entire life. I promise not to give you any suggestions or solutions for what to do and what not to until you ask, but I want you express yourself before me.
Me: You know why I want to become the sea?
Her: No (innocently)
Me: Because I want you to always wear a smile on that face because that’s what make me keep going in life.