What makes Gujarat so popular about business?

It was a Sunday evening and I wad loitering around the streets of Ahmedabad and enjoying the busyness of the city. Ahmedabad has always surprised me by its traffic, heat, rain and a few other things.

But this time, what surprised me was a girl. A girl who had her own restaurant on the streets of Ahmedabad. I was fascinated at the sight so I stopped there and out of curiosity I went to her place and saw what she was preparing. I glanced at the menu and ordered a veg cheese Frankie. After ordering, I sat opposite to her stall to observe her work.

Her place just had two tables full with the ingredients she needed to prepare the food.

She did everything all alone. I mean she had no one to help her run the entire place. She was independent and yet she was always dressed with a smile. Her attire conveyed that she was from a good family. I tried to talk to her and know more about the place, but I was disturbing her so I stopped. I sat back and started talking to myself and the first question that struck my mind was what made her do this? The way she talked with me, I learned that she had a good educational background, so she should have easily got a job; then why is she doing this?

Then I got the answer. The answer was that she was a Gujarati. And as we all know, Gujarat is the business hub. Right back from Dhirubhai Ambani to Narendra Modi, Gujarati’s have this excitement of doing business. No matter how small or big the business is, they just love to do it because they have it in their blood. If not, They have inherited it from the society.

The girl made me stand speechless and inspired me a lot. I am just so grateful to life that it brought me here.

P.S. Her food was very tasty and home-made. All Amdavadis should try this. She cooks Frankies, Sandwiches, Pastas and a few more things.

Venue: IIM road, opp old IIM gate, Panjrapol, Ahmedabad.

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