Why did I QUIT my college?

“Develop a passion for learning. You will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D’Angelo.

I was always passionate about learning. Studying the science behind things was not something which made me happy but learning the science behind a thing really made me happy and I loved doing that. Looking at something in space and then understanding it always fascinates me. But the world does not follow this TREND.

When I was in 12th I was surrounded with words like career, life, standards of living, etc. And I was stuck in this culture and something called TREND again.

School to college to job to marriage to retire

Without understanding and thinking about what I actually wanted to do in life, I had to join an engineering college in Gujarat. But I had one thing very clear in mind that whichever place I will go, I will go there to learn things, things which I like and not just to study and get a DEGREE.

So I joined a college in Ahmedabad which had a tagline saying ‘Project-based learning’. I learned about this college and found that its vision was a bit different than the other colleges. Hence, I decided to join that.

A month later I realised that there was no big difference between my and other colleges. I was stuck at a wrong place now, but I couldn't say a word. I had to accept this. And a year later I flunked. I had to repeat one entire year due to some shitty college rules. But then I realised that doing something out of your interest never keeps you happy.

I decided that I would repeat a year at my college but at the same time I will do things I love or learn things my way. I got an opportunity to work as a design intern in one of the startups in Ahmedabad. I worked there for 6 months. Now after 6 months I had to decide whether to continue with my college or not. So I started exploring myself. I looked upon myself and found in what things I am good in and what things I actually love to do.

Then I just looked at my growth rate in the last 6 months and I observed that I learned more things working here rather than sitting and studying in the classroom. I also realised that degree was not something worth you get after spending 4 years. I also talked to people who graduated and working at some XYZ company. And their reasons for continuing the college were shitty.

For me, the important thing was that whatever I learn, I should be able to reflect it somewhere, somehow. Learning can be in any form and it depends on which form it suits you the best. While studying has a pattern defined, whether you want or not, you have to do it.

I don't know what will my future be, where I will work, how much will I earn, will I find a job or not? I don’t have any confident answers right now. But the only thing I am happy about is I am doing what I love to do and that also in my way. Apart from my love for my work, I also have my own dream the dream which I have been chasing since I was in 10th class. And I strongly believe that this step will take me one step closer towards my dream. Now it's time for me to change MY IMAGINATION into MY THINKING.