Why I do not believe in any religion?

Today, when I was at my office doing my work, my senior came to my desk and gave me a challenge. The challenge was related to my work. I had to deduce the number of wire-frames from 6 to 4, which I was asked to do it in 6 hours. I said “OK! I will do it”.
After 30 mins, I asked him to come to my desk and asked him if he could help me get a direction to find the solution. To which he replied in a rude tone, “NO”.
After a couple of minutes he came to my desk again and asked me to read an article on Wikipedia and added that I have to read it thoroughly as ask he will ask questions upon that. I said OK, I will do it. While he was leaving my desk, he said “See, this is what happens when you do not go through a process and do not follow the methods and you basically end up fucking yourself! Your intuition practically fucked you!”
And then he left the desk. I usually do not pay much attention to the sarcastic statements he makes, so I ignored this one also.
But then, I repeated his sentence in my mind and I figured out a theory.
And that theory helped me to explain, why I didn’t believe in any religion.
So to explain my theory of the belief in religion, lets take the help of my favorite tool, ANALOGY.

Let’s compare a few things so that you understand the concept easily.
God = Goal
Worship = Work (work is worship :P)
Religion = Process
Rituals = Methods

Here it goes…
To achieve any goal in life, you have to work.
For whatever work you do, there is a list of processes which leads you to the goal.
And each process has pre-defined methods which are to be followed.
So, only if you through this cycle only then your goal is achieved. This is the belief everyone has!

Why are the above mentioned words true?
Because it has been proven by some person. And other people followed it and the have achieved their goal.

Now, one day, a novice like me comes into this cruel world and wants to achieve some goal in life. But he does not follow any process and works according to his will.
Such a person is called “A maniac, psychopath, stupid, fool” and there are many such adjectives.

If you believe in God but do not follow any religion or any ritual then you are also “A maniac, psychopath, stupid, fool” or “ An Atheist”.

The conclusion is, having your own process and method of achieving your goals does not allow you to be a part of the society. People will discriminate you and look over to you ask if you have done some crime.

But do you know what is the funnest thing!
If you achieve your goal then your process comes in the lists of processes.
In short, your process becomes a new religion and your goals become the new God. Then people will follow you and this a how a NEW RELIGION AND A NEW GOD IS CREATED EVERY DECADE OR EVERY CENTURY.

P.s. I managed to complete the challenge before the deadline and also my work was appreciated. (The one, which my boss gave)
Of course, I went through the article which he asked me to read as I was scared that he will ask me questions upon that and if I failed to answer the questions, he had all liberty to fire me from my job as I was on probation.
Though that article didn’t help me to find the solution to be challenge but it did help me to find the answer to this great question!

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