‘Kiki’s Delivery Service

Open the curtain wide, let faint sunbeams shine through

let their gentleness engulf you.

I’m sure all that appears before your eyes is a message!’

But the question is are we ready to open the curtain yet? are we ready for the view that is waiting for us behind the curtain? will we understand the gentleness that others have to offer and let it engulf us?? Well, we somehow get to find out all these answers through the journey of Kiki who from being a teen goes on to become an adult.

Kiki’s delivery service is the story of Kiki the witch who decides to start her training like all other witches do once they turn 13 years of age .Kiki with all love and support from her lovely parents, neighbors, and friends start her journey on her broom given to her by her mother, a radio that she takes as a parting gift from her father and a black cat as her only companion and friend towards a new place, new town, new people and new home.

We see Kiki struggling to kick start and take off, meeting amazing new people on her journey, her insecurities, her low confidence, her ties with her upbringing, her sadness, her happiness and so much more. It is a story of how she faces them all heads on keeping her heart innocent and filled with love all the same .It is the story of Kiki losing herself to self-doubt, low self-esteem, having no confidence to finding herself again amidst the chaos something that we can all relate to at one point or other in our life.

The scenes that resonate with us on many levels of our lives are :-

1.The scene where she realizes that one of her talents is flying with the help of her broom. She then decides to utilize that talent by opening her small delivery service, hence the name Kiki’s Delivery Service.

2. The scene where she goofs up on her first delivery service pointing out that start is always rocky and filled with mistakes and errors but also when corrected form a strong foundation for the future.

3. The scene that we all can strongly relate to where she experiences burn out due to self-doubt,low self-esteem, lack of appreciation all leading to low confidence thus resulting in not able to fly anymore.

Kiki learns to fly again , when she gains her confidence with the help of her friends who believe in her, her grandma customer who shows her appreciation in the most loving way leading her to discover herself. The highlights of the movies are the loving couple who take Kiki under their roof showing that there are people who are willing to help, Tombo who likes Kiki for who she is, Gigi the cat who has been seen as the inner voice of Kiki, Ursula who tells Kiki that it’s okay to rest and take for some time if that’s what is needed and the broom that breaks and symbolizes that for growth sometimes we need to leave behind the nest altogether.

This is the story of Kiki falling, failing, losing yet getting up again, and winning against all odds that are beautifully captured and presented in this animated studio Ghibli movie that is written, produced, and directed by Hayao Miyazaki that was adapted from the 1985 novel by Eiko Kadona.

In the end, Kiki dared to open the curtains wide open, Kiki let the faint sunbeam come in, she let their gentleness engulf her, she sure was able to get the message.




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