5 reasons why I said no to my friend

A friend asked me the other day to film him for a little project he was working on. Let’s protect the identity here by not giving out names. I obviously said no. Why did I say no to a favor? My reasons are simple.

  1. This is Los Angeles, everyone is a friend here. We all have tons of friends and the way it all works out is that nobody really knows when you will be beneficial to them, so ultimately you’re their friend forever.
  2. I was asked for a favor and in my long life I’ve realized that one must never do favors unless you are ready to expect absolutely nothing in return. It’s good for the heart.
  3. Because every project that I’m offered to do for free is sold as a promise for greater things to come and well for the most part it doesn’t pay off.
  4. They always say the next one will pay. Though from experience I can tell you that the ones that don’t pay or pay little tend to repeat the trend. Trust me I’ve been on the other side. It’s just how it works out when you’re starting something.
  5. The most important reason of all: It wasn’t artistic enough. Honestly, this is the only reason I ever allow myself. If the project doesn’t speak to me, I won’t do it. If I were to work on a reality show and it blew up, I would be doing reality shows for the decades to come. No thank you. I want to be proud of what I do or be a fisherman.
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