Why I couldn’t write a book on how to live your life at 25

You don’t know what’s around the bend.

They say that taking a chance is a good thing. Yet we are all afraid to take it. Why is that? Yes evolutionarily speaking we were better off sticking to tried and true methods that insured our survival. Though haven’t we progressed past those instincts. Sadly no. We have not, and we may never. This despite all my efforts to believe otherwise, is the truest trait of humans.

So what does that have to do with writing a book about how to live your life. Well the thing about this book that you will write, weather it’s in written form or in verbal to your children and grandchildren, it will always be incomplete. A person who has learned everything has no place on this planet anymore. Thus, I’d say it’s safe to say that no one truly has learned everything that there is to learn.

At 25 I had certain answers to life. Those answers for the most part are still true. To clarify would my advise change? No. Though I must admit the method I’d dispense it by has changed drastically. I have lived in ways that I’d never imagined. I’ve felt things that I never would have thought. I am the person that I never was.

I like to keep it short. So I will leave you with an important thought. It is not what you believe that matters, but rather how you feel about it. I don’t say that so you have an excuse to be an emotional recluse in the face of adversity. I say that so you may realize that emotions are linked to action, but in the grand scheme of things they will evolve, and sometimes you just have to wait for them to change.

I once met a girl. She was beautiful, magnetic and dangerous at the same time. She was in a relationship and I told myself that this fact was of no consequence. I would simply take the route of a good friend. Well emotions are not logical, crush grew deeper and when she started to feel similar thoughts, we found ourselves in a sticky situation. We went with it. We knew it wouldn’t end well, but who cared, we were estatic.

What we didn’t feel yet was the deep gash from the blow to our hearts that was yet to come. Sometimes you can predict what would happen, but until you feel it, it really means absolutely nothing. Once you feel it, you may or may not chose to learn from it.

So how could I ever write a book about how to live your life when with every passing year I realize that there would be so much more to add to it. So many more anecdotes, and so many more thoughts.

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