We got talking-

The older lady and I

About downsizing.

It seemed appropriate -

In a room full of second hand

Books for sale.

My favorite stomping grounds

To search for forgotten treasures.

She said- she’d recently moved to

An assisted living facility

To streamline her life.

Her husband had a stroke and

Is now bedbound —

Dependant for “all activities of daily living”

Living in the more assisted part of the

Assisted Living Facility

While she dwelled in a single room

With selected possessions

She felt the clutter in her life was gone.

I remember making clucking noises of sympathy

“It must be hard, you must miss your spouse”, I said.

She said “I breathed a sigh of relief, we are both happier now.”

She said that her husband enjoyed the attention he had.

And she was happy with her books, volunteering and her new, pared down life.

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