Modern Misogyny

A few days ago someone I work with, says to me..”You are someone who is seen as person with a chip on their shoulder- especially when the conversation turns to women in the workplace.”

I am no shrinking violet- if I think something is not right, I say something- in the hope that things will change. I identify myself as a Feminist and think of Feminism as a necessary extension of Humanism.

I have stood up for myself when I have felt that I was bullied. I have told myself that if I don’t stand up for myself, no one else will. I will not permit anyone, no matter who they happen to be, to treat me badly.

When is it okay for someone to say that standing up for oneself is a problem? In my opinion, this conversation would never happen between men. It made me think of the many bits of research- women being judged on their appearance rather than their work; a certain level of hypocrisy in meetings- often a woman’s idea siphoned off and credited to a man; the old boy’s club of medicine and so many, many paper cuts like this one.

I have thought about this conversation a lot- I am glad I’m standing up for myself..has taken me couple decades and I am so glad I’m not a doormat. The more I've thought of this, the more I consider the statement to be a back-handed compliment. Just because I’m a woman, I will not give up my opinions.

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