Winter Blues

Born in the tropics, winter can be an issue of deep concern. When I was younger the short days of February lead to incredible, poorly understood sadness in me. So much so that I could cry easily, without any provocation for what seemed to be endless lengths of time. When I did my training in Philadelphia, things were terrible for me each winter — I was often close to tears, miserable no matter what happened. Though, I was also in the middle of residency and mothering a new child which in America is an exercise fraught with little concern about the hard work that it takes to bear and mother a child especially while training to be a full fledged doctor.

Fast forward to a decade later and now I have landed in the Midwest and looking ahead to my first Wisconsin winter. Before we moved here, from sunny So Cal, everyone advised me to invest in a great winter coat which got just a tad annoying after the first twenty times. So, now I own at least three good winter jacket but still I wonder if it is going to be enough. I worry about all our toes and fingers. And our goal this winter is going to be keep our noses, ears, toes and fingers intact.

I have also heard that seasonal affective disorder tails off as we age and I feel positively ancient — and I have gray hair to prove it. My goal this winter is to be active, spend some time every day outside in the fresh air, indulge in sweaty exercise (preferably hot yoga or zumba) most days of the week, eat healthy and hearty and read and write everyday. So, y’all will know how it goes…

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