Big Data, 3D printers, Interactive Technology and Gabriel García Márquez.

‘Travesía por los estados de la palabra’ could be visited at the international art fair of Madrid, ARCOmadrid. In this edition of the event, Colombia will be the guest country and is asserting itself as one of the Spanish-speaking countries with the most cultural potential, both in Latin America and throughout the rest of the world.

The interactive exhibition symbolises a journey along the Colombian author’s work through a selection of literary excerpts that reference the ocean linking both countries and which is present in all of his books. The creative concept of the event is born from “Bottle the sea for the God of words”: a speech given by the writer at the First International Congress of the Spanish Language in Zacatecas (Mexico) in 1997. In the speech, Gabriel García Márquez considers the power of words in the image era and the need to release them from the regulatory imprisonment they suffer.

Visitors will start their journey in the city of Cartagena de Indias with a video-art projection that displays several art associations and personalities of the Colombian cultural scene participating in the collective reading of excerpts written by García Márquez. Belonging to fields such as the scenic arts, digital art, contemporary music, architecture, advertising, creative programming and innovation, these artists took part in the event together by means of cross-discipline collaboration in order to create a journey where the only author is Gabriel García Márquez.

This reading will “symbolically release” García Márquez’s words, which will be taken by different artists to eventually convert them into 3D words.

Technology acquires a key role here, as new technologies have enabled 50 3D printers to be coordinated so they can work simultaneously day and night to gradually give life to these words and rearrange them into a new work. This time the tool is an interactive installation; the outcome will be an interactive ocean of words.

Users inserting 3D words
Detail 3D words
Detail 3D printer

Photography: Javier de Paz García and Ultra-lab Madrid

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