It’s 9 am, by the time you see this, & your wondering where am I? Am i really here, In a city of read about, touched a few years ago, fell in love with, is this really real? As the city sounds, chatter, the sounds of paris rings strong, in the 17th district, as i can feel it with her, As a new chapter begins I can’t help but think what courage does someone have to have to walk away from everything they know to challenge themselves reinvent their life, (even if its temporarily) NOT many people are ready for that red pill to swallow (morpheus) BUT she is I know she has it, this isn’t anything to new to her she survived a war in the 80s, (ELS) learned a new language, blended in a new culture, (NY, USA) but it is starting over AGAIN (sort of) A blue pill isnt on her cards what didn’t kill us in ELS/BKLYN wouldn’t deter her from straying away even in the recent events in paris. She is a warrior, a true trendsetter, forward/free thinker…& always inspired me to have tunnel vision.This holiday season is a bit strange, since we celebrated it EVERY YEAR TOGETHER, but change is just different, its not horrible, its growth, its telling a story, i cant wait to hear in the next few months in the markets, in the narrow streets, & cafe shops, but Ill see you later today on the 24th, (facetime) & tell me about your 1st day! until we meet again sis.

from your loving brother,

Avec amour éternité