“The end of an era playboy”

Artist “Naturel” on the iconic 60th anniversary Playboy cover Of Kate Moss

Playboy announced they will no longer publish nude, (tasteful) photos the surprise move isnt really much of a surprise digital media outlets has dominated the last couple of years more options for consumers (majority of men) no longer interested in a prelude but now a conclusion. A less sense of mystery & more emphasis on sharing everything, a open book. What I Find fascinating in American society people (men) are among that crave a mysterious allure but settle with overexposure “quickie” but in Japanese culture quite the opposite, sometimes the idea rather then a conclusion. Fantasy fades, reality bites like a dominatrix imposing their own will onto a person.

Artist “Naturel “ First African American model Darine Stern to pose in playboy

Give me a healthy dose of both, (The popular isnt going away, like i mentioned on my 1st article) theres a nitch for playboy, its survival through the years have come from adult readers a mens esquires type flipping pages the days of young teens or even younger were long gone.


Smut back on those days should have meant Satirized, monetize, utilize, tantalize, in its beginning that was the focus/view point of hef to enjoy vice without being vulgar or distasteful, instead of calling it stag, it went with playboy, instead of it being hardore photos it was an artful lens of the female body, Marketed easier to a gentleman/masses. Naturel approach to smut is tamed in today standards but highly effective to show its history, significance to culture, & how even in art “smut” can make you think a sort of way how women are now perceived.

Naturel is a natural.
End of an era playboy
Magazines under the mattress

I started collecting art since 2007, The last two years naturel has been a fav artist of mine the “picasso big” “skeleton polo” mirrored my fancy, and now newly added the kate moss 60th anniversary pinup onto the collection, (good looking out nat) The pieces are now sold exclusive via online 1xrun. Theres no need to tuck away this art under the mattress if guests coming over, aye.

Artist Naturel (Smut series — 1xrun)

Location Joseph Gross Gallery (Chelsea, NYC)

Instagram — Cashmerethoughtnyc