“To be or not to be that is the question”

I stopped by the bustelo pop-up shop in the city, the brand has never opened a cafe shop nore need to, its been a staple for coffee aficionados since the early 30’s and sold in restaurants convenient stores all around in NYC. Its rich history has captivated the latino community especially its founders immigrants from (eurolatin, spain the carribean cuba)

Even skateboarders need caffeine.

The bustelo experience is just THAT, a total experience a social drink between family, family friends, at home. (In my experience) Sure felt like cocktail/happy hr an expresso bar, My family could have had a fortune, in the states, but instead went the tradional route in central america (Lol) fast forward Never been a coffee drinker (until recently) Its become a side piece or trophy wife next to my cigar. I was the oddball out of the equation, out of the conversation, out of the stimulation of it all throughout those later years. A business partner introduced me to this drink in the cold nyc winter days of jan of 2015. It was a jolt, a conversation piece the day went smooth, conquered it like no other.

“Never been a coffee drinker (until recently) its become a side piece or trophy wife next to my cigar”

Ignored the desire in part of sterotypes, which i strongly believe feeds the negative taste in anyones mouth. Do I love bustelo yes, but do i drink other blends/brands of course, Has it been a fabric/tradition in my household as a kid yes, has it shaped my thoughts absolutely not, has it closed my horizons, absolutely not, Now dont point me out as a sensitive politically correct guy, (that im not) I try not to take offense, when i speak to someone and i get a surprise gesture when i mention the teas of fes morocco, art from Paris france. As i post on some media outlets, JUST DON’T KNOW … The human experience element have long traditions and some embrace it more then others, which is TRUE, postitive reinforcement casted in stones is not going away anytime soon, and it shouldnt, hence it being positive NOT negative so if your inviting me in your home for a drink of bustelo count me out, JK. Count me in, and youll find out that bustelo is just a chapter that should be celebrated but with many other various pages.

at the end of the day you have to do what YOU LIKE! persue your happiness. (kid cudi playing) Traditionally Progressive or Even have both!

We are all captivating our moments.
Melting Pot
Melting Pot pt2
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