Blockchain businesses welcomed to Bermuda by new working group

Bermuda is no stranger to welcoming businesses from overseas and providing them with sun, sea and a brass plaque.

The government there are no fools, then, and this week, clearly having read the runes, they announced the launching of a two blockchain working groups, one to assist blockchain businesses with regulatory compliance and the other to foster business development.

David Burt, the island’s premier, also announced a regulatory framework for distributed ledger technologies (DLT) would early next year.

Nothing too shocking here, if we’re honest — but yet again, we’re seeing the integration and embrace of cryptos by a government who, it’s fair to say, has something to gain from doing so. It’s not often we get to compare the policies of the Chinese and Bermudan governments, but the reason for the discrepancy speaks to the very heart of what’s exciting about blockchains…

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