What You Need to Know When Developing Gated Content


Gated content provides visitors with access to more valuable content than they would get just by browsing. But all gated content is not created equal. Developing effective gated content is all about creating something your visitors will gladly “pay” for (in the form of their information) that will allow you to contact them later.

Think about this — anyone who provides their contact information in exchange for your gated content is a telling you they are a marketing qualified lead and is actually interested in what you’re offering. By developing good gated content and boosting it accordingly, you can help bring incredible value to your customers and improve your lead generation at the same time — something 88% of B2B marketers who are currently creating custom content already know.

Creating Gated Content

Your buyer personas will have gone through the sales funnel before they decide to use your services or products. Gated content is a great way to nurture them through that funnel by providing high-quality content which addresses the pain points they have at each stage. During the awareness stage when someone is just beginning their search, it’s too early to hit them with a free consultation or a live demo — right now they want something easy to digest that educates them further on a possible solution. Once you’ve taught them something about a possible solution, they’ll be ready for more in-depth content. Here are examples of the types of gated content appropriate for each stage of the buyer’s journey:

  • AWARENESS: educational webinars, whitepapers, ebooks, checklists
  • CONSIDERATION: case studies, blogs, demo videos, guides
  • DECISION: product or service literature, free consultations, assessments or trials

In order to more effectively encourage people to actually check out your content, you need to make sure that the information you’re asking for is worth it for the content you’re providing. If it’s a simple checklist in the awareness stage, only ask for a name and email address. You can ask for more valuable information when the content is richer and your audience is more willing to provide it.


There are several key questions to ask yourself when developing gated content. Is it high quality? Is it original? Does it provide value to your personas? Keep these questions and more from HUBSPOT’S GATED CONTENT FLOWCHART in mind when creating and evaluting your pieces.

Boosting Gated Content

So you’ve created your gated content. Now, how do you get it out there? There are several strategies that will help advance your gated content and bring it to the attention of more readers. Depending on your marketing team, resources and budget, consider using any and all of these tactics:

Strategy 1: Promote it on social media
 You can mention it in your own posts, encourage existing customers to like the content and share it with friends and create ads that will expose new customers to your content. The more it’s shared, the greater your reach will be!

Strategy 2: Send it to your current customers
 Your email marketing list is filled with people who will be interested in the content you’re offering. Reminding them of your business and what you offer is a great way to quickly reach a large number of people. Be sure that you segment your email marketing lists so that you’re not sending content to customers who are more interested in an entirely different aspect of your business.

Strategy 3: Mention it on your website
You can mention your gated content in existing blog posts, run an ad along the side or bottom of your page, use a homepage pop-over, or find other ways to show readers what you’re offering.

Strategy 4: Design an effective landing page
 Keep in mind that in many cases, your landing page will be the difference between readers who actually engage with the content and those who decide it’s not worth their time.

Strategy 5: Launch an AdWords campaign
Putting your gated content at the top of search engine results is the best way to be sure interested parties are going to see it.

“#GatedContent fuels your buyer personas through the sales funnelTWEET THIS

High-quality gated content is a critical way to bring in leads and encourage readers to learn more from your website. Once it has been created, it’s time to nurture it, boost your leads and take the steps necessary to ensure readers are finding your content valuable. Check back with your customers regularly. Is your gated content helping to create satisfied customers who will come back to your company for their next purchase or problem? Is it converting leads into customers? Does it continue to add value? If so, then it’s content that is well worth the effort of creating and using to get valuable customer information.

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