Your Easy Downloadable Social Media Cheat Sheet

Do you remember when we talked about having the ultimate cheat sheet for social media image sizes?

As we all know, social media is ever changing and you guessed it…some of the dimensions have already changed. We know you want to stay up on best practices, just like we do, so we’ve created the handiest cheat sheet for you.

As a quick refresher, here’s a quick breakdown of the update for each social media platform and its correct image sizes. But trust us, make your life easier and download our cheat sheet and hang it on your wall [no judging…that’s a lot of channels and dimensions to remember and ours are hanging there too!].

Image Guidelines

  • Must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.
  • Photo will appear on page as 160 x 160 pixels.
  • Photo thumbnail will appear throughout Facebook at 32 x 32 pixels.

Image Guidelines

  • Square Image — recommended 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Maximum file size 100 KB.
  • JPG, GIF, or PNG.

Image Guidelines

  • Minimum 120 x 120 pixels.
  • Recommended 250 x 250 pixels.
  • Maximum not listed — I was able to upload a 20 MB photo at 5,200 x 5,300 pixels.
  • JPG, GIF or PNG.

Image Guidelines

  • Appears at 165 x 165 pixels on home page.
  • Appears at 32 x 32 pixels on the rest of Pinterest.
  • Maximum 10 MB (wouldn’t allow me to upload anything larger).

Image Guidelines

  • Maximum 500 x 500 pixels
  • Minimum 200 x 200 pixels
  • 4mb maximum file size
  • JPG, GIF or PNG files only

Image Guidelines

  • Appear on your home page at 110 x 110 pixels.
  • Square photo — make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Display Sizes

  • Tablet display: 1,855 x 423
  • Mobile display: 1,546 x 423
  • TV display: 2,560 x 1,440
  • Desktop: 2,560 x 423 (1,546 x 423 pixels are always visible
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