The Narrative Lifelogging Camera may Live to See Another Day

First announced as a Kickstarter project called Memento, the lifelogging camera now called Narrative made its debut in 2014. Since then, the company has had its share of startup-related challenges — notably the funding of ongoing operations. It seems the camera had not caught fire with the general public at volumes that would sustain the aggressive (easy-to-use, with little/no ongoing expense for users) business model. The company attempted to reboot last year, announcing the Narrative Clip 2, with some enhanced functionality to entice new users. That camera became available earlier this year.

Unfortunately, that attempt to revitalize the company proved to be too little, too late, and on October 10 of this year, the company announced it had filed for “voluntary dissolution”, and would be ceasing operations. The camera can still be used to capture photos and download them to users’ personal data stores, but the company would no longer maintain their cloud photo storage service and app to access, edit, and share the photos. That meant users of the camera would have to download or risk losing tens of thousands of photos each had stored on the company’s servers as a part of their camera purchase plan. Plans were announced for all un-retreived photos to be deleted on October 31, 2016, and users scrambled to find storage space for anything they wanted to save.

Last night, in a surprise post to the Facebook group page “Narrative Clip Lounge” (which the company set up to provide a forum for discussion among users), a Narrative founder announced that a group of former Narrative employees had banded together to acquire the assets (digital and physical) of the former company, and the company would not be shutting down or deleting photos, as previously announced. Details are still sketchy, but initial plans seem to call for a subscription fee for the cloud-based photo storage and access application. Customers, users, and interested others are encouraged to share ideas with the founders via their FB page.

It looks like hope is still alive for the lifelogging faithful — further details still to come.

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