Are Writers Salespeople Now?

Ah, remember the good old days when you could still get found on the internet without having either:

  • billions of dollars to advertise?
  • the ability to write compelling content?
  • excellent luck?

How do you get found today? Well you either spend a tons of money in order to be heard above the fray, lining Google’s or Facebook’s pockets with gold, or litter the internet with post after post of specially optimized “content” (usefulness not required) hoping for a viral pickup, or grab headlines with something weird or different enough that someone in the mainstream media (which includes a bunch of head sites now as well) picks it up and runs it.

Everyone must become a writer, and a damn good one, in order to be seen and known. Writers are suddenly important again, the best writers can draw in prospective clients with their witty prose, and drive new customers into your sales funnel.

How do you sell things in 2017? Shooting craps and hope.

  • Write a lot of good content. And I mean a lot. Thousands of posts. Like throwing dice in craps, eventually your numbers will come up.
  • Hope that your content ends up in front of your prospect
  • Hope that they read and like your content
  • Hope that they go to your website, research your work
  • Hope that they contact you

The once lowly writer attached to the marketing department, barely writing more than advertising copy, is now a key link in the chain, dragging people into your sales funnel.

Who says that an English degree is less important than an engineering degree?

Heck, without writers, no one would know about the awesome code the engineer just wrote.

I wonder, does it have to be this way? There must be a better way to match those who want to buy with those who want to sell.