Attitude; How To Access Every Opportunity

‘Attitude is everything!’

Well maybe not everything, but we know it counts for quite a bit. This string of words can be seen proudly displayed on novelty tee-shirts across the world. It is a simple declaration of how we, as individuals, are more often armed with style and spunk than with a weapon.

We are all unique. We all shine brightly, but our colors vary. Every culture knows a little something about attitude and how important it is. We like a lttle sas, a little punk or a little funk. It adds to the eclectic landscape of personalities we call home sweet home. A friday afternoon stroll down N.Y.C’s urban streets shows us the immense and diverse horde of characters here in America.

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In a way attitude really can be everything. It can help or hinder our forward progress. Remember, our attitude is put on display for all to see whether we are aware of it or not. It is quite likely the first amount of substantial information (beyond our physical appearance of course) that others will take in.

As the saying goes: ‘there’s no second chance at first impressions’. Some very important decisions are made during a first encounter. If your first impression leaves someone making negative decisions about you, it’s likely you’ve lost one of lifes greatest assets: human connections.

A good impression however is the complete opposite. It leaves people open to the idea of having you in their lives. Instead of wanting to run for the hills (crying and screaming in horror) when they see you coming, they will be waiting with open arms. Eager anticipation will be awarded for the awesomeness you bring!

Back to this thing we call attitude. It all begins with the emotional undercurrent that coaxes us along throughout the day. Do you wake up grateful or resentful? Do you stare at your bowl of cereal cursing or making a wish? The answer to these questions will shed some light as to why you have your current attitude. Careful attention and a little effort can put us in control of our attitude. All it takes is the diligence to keep returning our focus to the positive things in our lives. We all slip into negative thoughts. It’s totally natural. How long we entertain these negative thoughts is entirely up to us.

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a head-shrinker of any sort. Nor am I able to fully explain the inner and complex landscape of the human mind. I am however an expert on myself, and I know firsthand how pivotal attitude is. I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when I approach my day with gratitude and appreciation things start to happen. Doors open instead of close. People are welcoming and reflect back an attitude of appreciation. No matter which direction I look I see this happening all around me. Like a house of mirrors I see reflections of my own attitude shining back. Things start to happen and life becomes dynamic and progressive.

Look around and identify what you have to be grateful for. Lock onto it and focus. Hold that focus and use it to transform your current attitude into something more!!

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