How To Change The World; Getting Healthy to Heal

Is our world healthy? Why do so many problems exist in the world today? Can we find solutions to end suffering? These questions, and many like them, are on all of our minds to some degree. The world s a very complex place. With over 7 billion of us running around it’s no wonder! We are human after all, and you know what that means… we will make mistakes from time to time. We will choose incorrectly, make a bad judgment call, even think in ways that are not quite right.

Our ability to recognize our mistakes and to correct them is what makes us such great innovators and inventors. We identify the problem and we get to work brainstorming for a solution. We can live and learn, grow and eventually contribute to our society in ways that build us up for a better tomorrow. In a healthy society this is precisely what happens. We go through life and a natural progression occurs, but for a healthy society to exist its citizens must be healthy.

Health is an interesting word. Here it is according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary;

1 a. the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; freedom from physical disease or pain

Health puts us at our highest ability to function in all circumstances. We become well equipped to accomplish the tasks at hand. Physically we carry ourselves through a rigorous day at work with ease while the mind handles each successive challenge by reasoning a logically sound strategy. The spirit remains positive. Health is a beautiful thing and it deserves our full attention. A healthy world needs healthy inhabitants.

Let me start by simply saying that health is not what someone else tells you. Only you can know if you are in a state of health. Each and every one of us are unique physically, mentally, and spiritually. We can be big and tall, short and stout, and everything in between. Do not be fooled by the culturally constructed ideals that are put there to fuel sales and profits. It’s all designed to make you hyper focus on one aspect of yourself- and every time it is done it just so happens they have a product designed just for you. You are exactly what you are and it is beautiful and beyond reproach. Each of us should be on a path to becoming the best versions of ourselves- not someone else. Health is obtained through self-realization, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When I started on my journey toward a healthy existence I was astonished at how my perceived troubles just fell away. One minute I was riddled with afflictions and the next I was just standing there being me. At least thats how it felt. The actual time frame that elapsed was about 2 years. The most astounding thing that resulted from my attaining a state of health was the perspective I gained. Today I can function at levels that were once unattainable. Health literally lifted me up and out of the muck I was wallowing in. It allowed me to transcend my problems.

I want everyone to experience what I experienced. I truly believe that if we can all rise up out of the troubles we are currently in we will see a transformation occur- one that can heal us of the afflictions we suffer and change the world around us. We can become the seeds that begin to cultivate pockets of vibrant growth and change for a better tomorrow.

Here are some of the ways I found indispensable on my journey toward a healthy existence;

1-Clean Living;

If it does not make a positive impact on my mind, body or spirit, I keep it moving. I eat healthy, read intellectually stimulating books, and practice Faith to nourish the spirit. Over time I learned to identify and remove things that caused negativity in my life. Sustaining a state of health requires we ‘consume’ enough for the mind, body, and spirit to ‘digest’.


This is very important. Our bodies are amazingly complex and capable. We need to move and move often to keep everything operating comfortably. Physiologically the benefits are enormous. Too many people suffer simply because they move to little. Get up, get moving, and keep moving.


We are beings that have a feeling nature. It directs us toward pleasure and away from pain. It seeks to affirm the truths of our desires towards a life of love and of peace, and it recoils at the suffering and pain we experience. Faith helps me come to understand and embrace this truth about who we are as human beings. The greatest deception in this world is how we are convinced otherwise. Love is our ultimate truth.

If we want to end the problems that exist in this world we must first free ourselves from the afflictions that affect us as individuals. The chaos and the confusion behind suffering exists in each of us. Lets all rise up and let the problems just fall away. I hope you find the books listed below as useful as I have!

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