Imagination; Depth, Possibility and Innovation

Spring is just around the corner. A time when the cycle of life blossoms forth with a spectacular display of energetic renewal. Daylight is more abundant, and the warmth that comes with it. We will want to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the ultraviolet rays that enrich and strengthen us. The local wildlife becomes more active as well. Whether you are in Manhattan gazing at the occasional squirrel or upstate in the mountains where you have everything from deer to the Eastern Coyotes, you will surely bare witness to the increase in activity as it crescendos for many local species here in New York.

The cyclical nature of life is apparent all around us. From the spinning of the earth and the circadian rhythm to which we are bound, all the way up to the the astrological cycle of ages. Even though astrologers cannot agree on the exact number of years to attribute to each age, we know we are talking about very large numbers- possibly 25,920 years for the completion of one cycle which consists of all 12 astrological ages. All life seems to be spinning along a cyclical track, which in turn is on a larger track, and so on and so forth. We know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Can it be that energy continually traverses the universal landscape as it transfers over and over again?

To truly think on what it means to be alive, to be a vessel that contains the indestructible energy of this universe, is mind-boggling. We are caught in the perceptual trappings of our individualized consciousness, and it taints our objective observation on such deep questions. So here I am, musing on things I cannot fully grasp, with these unanswerable questions taunting and teasing the deepest recesses of mind. It is… awesome. Life is a wondrous experience and I am grateful for each and every day above ground.

The limitations of our human intellect, as they are bound by the parameters set by our sensory capabilities, is precisely why we have such deep imaginations. If we were omniscient, with all possible scenarios known, it would eradicate any possibility of creative expression or imagination- would it not? We imagine beyond our comprehension simply because we must. If we knew it all we could not be tantalized by the mysterious complexity of this universe.

Our pursuits whether scientific, artistic, or spiritual, would be unnecessary. Our imagination makes it all worthwhile and more importantly- possible. The uniqueness that we come to know as ‘ourselves’ is really just our imaginings that fill the gulf between our intellect and the complete truth of this life, our existence, and every mystery within it. Paradoxically, it is our humble admission of limitation that sends us soaring beyond the boundaries set .

Every field of study, every quest, is enhanced by the creative depth of imagination that tempts us to reach beyond our intellectual understanding. Without overreaching there could be no hypothesis. Like machines accurate and complete calculations would precede every conclusion. No theorizing or leaps of faith could occur. Both science and religion would come grinding to a halt, and all growth as a species would vanish.

Our imaginations are free to flourish and explore the endless stream of possibilities all around us, as long as we are not too sure of ourselves. Nothing destroys innovation quite like certainty. Those who believe they have all the answers have given up the chase, settled on a morsel and forsaken the banquet. Strange how we must understand our limitations in order to overcome them.

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