I’m a pro-life feminist
Kate Bryan

There is no such thing as an anti-choice feminist. Kate Bryan may call herself “pro-life”, but that does not make it so. The right to legal individual reproductive choice is an inherent, essential part of feminism. Anyone who would subject any woman to loss of autonomy in this area is not, cannot be, a feminist. Kate Bryan is clearly anti-choice, which means that she rejects abortion not only for herself, but she insists that no woman can be allowed to have access to a safe, legal, affordable abortion under any circumstances, even to save her own life. In no way can that be called “pro-life” because it is pro-death for many women who are subjected to such laws. Kate Bryan denies to her sisters the right to choose abortion on the basis of their own beliefs, rather than according to Kate Bryan’s. Why should Kate Bryan expect those she would oppress in this way be willing to accept her in their midst, when Kate Bryan’s goal is to deprive them of the right to make for themselves the most important decision unique to women regarding their own bodies?

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