The future of Flow Home
Matt Hall

Hello, this may not be a lot of motivation to change your mind about flowhome but I feel you’re abandoning the future. Here are my 2 cents. Flow home is ahead of it’s time as simple and minimalistic as it looks, it does have a learning curve which is perhaps the reason behind people not giving it the attention it deserves. Flow home is a hub pretty much like the BlackBerry​ hub only that flow home is gorgeous and hands down the best hub on Playstore.

Instagram and Facebook may want more control but the flow home experience is still great. People aren’t really installing perhaps because it’s not so much of an interactive launcher. Nova launcher gets people to interact with their phone with customization.

I’d love it if you start or have a community for the die hard fans of flow home so we can keep the dream alive. That for sure is one way of bringing flow home’s thunder to the fray

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