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As we start a new year we are all most likely reflecting and wanting to make some changes in our lives. While health is usually at the top of most of our list- losing weight, being more active and eating better- I am reminded that health is also affected internally in the way we think. Our impression of “self” our ability to filter out positive and negative and our belief that we are worthy. I have had some time to question my purpose and my feeling of loneliness as many of you know who read my last long post. Yesterday I spent several hours watching “SuperSoul Sessions” on Own TV, something I really needed to see. Today I came across this TED Talk and it really hit home why the year of 2015 feels like my best year of living so far. It is also what compelled me to write this because if it can help one person see things a little differently maybe that will bring more happiness into a life and the happier we are the better we can make others feel who are around us.

2015 was a good year, my business did well, I attended some great events, did some traveling and I met some great new people but what made it “epic” was for the first time in my life I allowed myself to trust in others deeply, to grow a few really strong friendships and to realize how important that is to being happy. My creative personality, my need for a lot of alone time and isolating myself over my lifetime is a part of my being but it doesn’t have to be my complete existence. I discovered this year in order for me to be really happy I needed a deeper connection with other human beings (and I am not referring to social media). Being physically and mentally connected, trusting others and allowing myself to share personal things with people who really care has shown me a very different level of happiness over the past year.

Trusting has always been a hard thing for me. I tend to feel my emotions much deeper than some. I am extremely sensitive but quiet in allowing others to see that side of me, combine that with a struggling self esteem and it adds a lot of fear in allowing people into your personal space. Maybe age softens us some, maybe life lessons allow us to make better choices in who we choose to surround ourselves with, whatever the case I trusted my gut and allowed a few very special ladies to get to know me at a deeper level in 2015. It was scary, it was gradual and it was difficult but it also showed me the true meaning of happiness. I huge thank you to those few ladies who showed me so much compassion and allowed me to grow, I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

We are all scared of being vulnerable, we are all struggling with things in our lives but I do believe we all need to be connected on a deeper level to feel happiness. On paper it may appear to be different especially when we talk about career, our love life, money and other goals. Inside of each of us it is always the same, it is how we feel, it is how others make us feel…or the reality that we allow them to make us feel a certain way, it is knowing there is someone out there thinking about you and the awareness that someone actually cares about how you are but most of all knowing you are loved even if you do not agree on everything…just knowing you are loved matters most….I believe that is the key to happiness.

As we begin 2016 I invite all of you to think deeply on the question “What is happiness?” Consider your level of happiness right now. Consider allowing friendships to grow, taking some chances with trust, being kind, being open and showing more love to others. What we say, how we act, what we do and how kind we are to others not only affects us inside but also affects those around us.

My mother always said “before you say something to someone or make a choice to do something that includes someone else consider how that would make you feel if the tables were turned”. That is what I have tried to shape most of my life choices around. If you watch this Ted Talk, consider how many people in a given day that we meet who appear unhappy. Consider that they may be ill, they may be dealing with something difficult or just may be feeling very lonely. Say something kind, offer a smile or do something different….play it forward but most of all share some love!

Here’s to an “EPIC” 2016 full of happiness!

Sending love….pass it on! xoxo

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