Describe A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent


A day in the life of a Joynestzrk real estate agent is that a regular schedule which he or she follows. Getting up at 7 AM in the morning and he is already in the office. He tries to come an hour early everyday so that he could be updated with the industry news every day and he also checks the real estate section of the newspaper and the news. At 8 am he takes a coffee and checks his mails and voice mails. He short lists the required prospects which need to be called today. Then he has a meeting with the senior sales manager and discusses about the to-do list for the day and then tells about the progress for the monthly target.

Getting back to the schedule he makes the necessary calls and he also has invested a lot this time. He then later finds out the recent news of the market, current tenants, trade leases and sale comparable. His job isn’t all about viewing properties, he is also involved in listing and advertising these properties, drawing up legal agreements between the buyers and sellers, advising on listings prices for sellers and arranging for financing for buyers. He needs to know the market really well to perform all these functions and that only comes through a lot of reading, talking to people, research and experience. For lunch he has a meetup at a restaurant with some client which is not too far from the office.

During the meetup they discussed about the market condition and the budget and needs so that he can draft a proposal and meet him again. Again back to the office there are more mails and it is also time to call all the contractors and set up the appointment for the new office. The draft is filed and the proposal is ready and only client’s approval is required. The work is done and it time to go home.

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