The Day The Racists Won
Travis Lowe

I appreciated your heartfelt and honest response. I don’t believe that all progressives would “conjure up images of gas chambers” if you don’t support abortion rights (I don’t call people Nazis, generally, unless they push for Nazi-style politics). I think all people with a moral sense should be disgusted by the racist hatred on display. It’s hard not to politicize things to some degree — esp since the racists themselves were chanting things like “Heil Trump” — but let’s be honest: the politics of white resentment increasingly define the modern Republican Party: blaming immigrants and the poor for social problems. Personally I’m such a socialist that I think race and religion are used as “wedge issues” by those holding on to increasingly-undemocratic power to divide the 99% of us against one another, and it works. If the 99% of us were focused on economic inequality, it would shatter the illusion that Republicans & Democrats are polar opposites on everything. Isn’t it sad that focusing on racial inequality is, itself, a party-line issue? Taking care of “the least of these” is certainly what the Church is charged with doing, and resurrecting the forms of Christian Socialism that ushered in the New Deal would be a good start.

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