North Texas Hispanics Could be at Greatest Risk of Covid-19

Today is the first day of the Shelter in Place Order (“Order”) in Dallas County. It could prove to be utterly devastating to our hard working Hispanic communities.

Due solely to FedEx dumping thousands of dollars of goods outside my now shuttered business I had to make an essential run to my facility. What I witnessed in the streets of Highland Park and other Dallas County neighborhoods was a total shock.

The owners of residential yard crews and tree companies have sent their full trucks en masse into the streets to work on homes as if it were a normal Tuesday.

Surely home owners cannot be so selfish they they absolutely must have mostly Hispanic yard crews make their castle perfect when we are all ordered to Shelter in Place. Surely none of us really want to see our vital and vibrant Hispanic community devastated because of the cosmetics of our yard.

I did have an interaction with one company I had contracted some time ago to remove a tree. I had heard nothing about scheduling after giving them the order and then mysteriously this morning they stated they would start tomorrow. When I declined the work taking place I also expressed that the this is absolutely not following the spirit and intent of the Order. I got a prepared cut-n-paste — we are doing essential work trimming trees and pruning bushes as allowed by the order— . Clearing a downed tree and clearing utility lines after a storm is the only essential work for tree crews.

To all the owners of residential yard and tree services companies, get your workers off the street and sheltering in their homes. Join the army of other responsible business owners and entrepreneurs that are taking the financial hit for the good of our community.

You may justify your actions today as being about keeping your staff employed, but in reality you are profiteering and placing your crews in great danger by parsing the Order and willfully ignoring Covid-19 risks. You all know you are breaking the spirit of the Order by knowingly crushing your crews into trucks to and from your yards and then between work sites.

Do the right and morally sound action and keep our wonderful Hispanic community safe and well. You have a Duty of Care to employees and contractors!



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