Neoliberalism Makes Machines Of Us All

We lost a dear friend this week. It compelled me to reflect on the manner under which many of us live our lives these days. How much are thoughts are drawn towards productivity, efficiency, over, say, love, bliss and healing.

As someone who grew up in a community created by my parents, I’m well versed in the alternative narrative. It’s easy to dismiss these ideals as hippy clichés. However, stop to reflect. Question. In the immortal words of John Lennon (sorry), “imagine”.

Many of my Twitter, online, virtual friends are united in dismissing socio-economic injustices and the health issues they create. We talk daily about stress, anxiety, depression but, not enough, I feel, about the quality of life that is missed. We know it, but the neoliberal machine means we use signposts and labels to condense the ideas in order to cope with the stressors on us within this.

Imagine more days where you wake up happy, after a dose, wondering what’s you will do to make yourself blissful that day. The notifications from your phone are off, the guilt or stress from work commitments temporarily paused. You make yourself a nice breakfast. You connect with a friend. You order that meaningful present for your family. We live in a carefully created, wholly constructed, life game that is feeding us these demons and ill health.

Let’s reinforce and validate this qualitative element among us as we fight for a better life, justice, respect and care for everyone. Comrade, I support you! Far from glib, it’s meaningful, right?


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