A consultant, a lawyer, and a pilot walk into an airport bar…

Their flight was delayed, nobody was happy, and nothing interesting happened. (It’s funny because it’s true). Instances like this cost the US economy alone more than $30B a year in lost productivity to passengers and direct costs to airlines.

Yet the best travel disruption tools today offer little beyond real-time alerts — informing passengers that their flight has been delayed after the delay has been announced. Flightsayer can help here. Apart from predicting delays days and hours early, flightsayer synthesizes information we already know about the airspace and your flights, delivering relevant updates to passengers before a delay is announced.

But back to this consultant — say she’s due back in Salt Lake City after a morning meeting in in Boise. Her flight is scheduled to depart from BOI at 3:10 pm MT.

At 9:50 am, we sent this alert:

At the time flightsayer shot out this alert, the airline was listing this flight as on time. But it looks like she’s going to be at least an hour late. Perhaps still time to switch to the 1:14 pm flight?

The consultant decides not to switch, because her flight is still technically on time. But sure enough, twenty minutes later — Delta delays the flight. Flightsayer sends out this alert:

She rushes to try and get on the 1:14 pm flight — but everyone else has had the same idea and there are no seats left. She could have avoided the delay if only she’d acted as soon as flightsayer sent you that alert.

Flightsayer monitors flight plan information that often helps us to spot cancellations before they occur. Letting passengers know that a flight plan has been cancelled — which typically means that a flight cancellation is imminent — can give travelers a five or ten minute head start on dealing with disruption.

Flightsayer is running pilots with six Fortune 500 companies and five Travel Management Companies, and our enhanced real-time alerts can spot a delay or cancellation before it is announced by the airline 10–20% of the time, leading to fewer delayed flights, fewer missed meetings, and happier, better-informed travelers.

“…I received a notification from flightsayer informing me that my trip delay index had been elevated from a 2 to a 10. I immediately checked the flight status through the airline’s website, and at that time they did not show any delays. I decided to call the airline customer service line to see if they had any more up-to-date information or were aware of any potential delays. They repeatedly assured me that there were no delays and that I had nothing to worry about. I remained skeptical, but decided to trust the information that the airline had given me. Surely enough, about 15 mins later, I received a flight status update from my airline informing me that my flight was delayed over 4 hours and my flight was now scheduled to land at 12:30 AM the next morning. I scrambled to change my flight and was fortunate enough to get one of the last tickets on an alternate flight that got me home and in bed by 10:00 PM that same night. It was a true testament to the power of flightsayer — not only did they accurately predict my flight delay, but they predicted it before even the airline was aware of it.” — Eddie M., road warrior

As the bartender said to the consultant , “Have you heard of flightsayer?”

Contact info@flightsayer.com to work with us or learn more about our predictions and enhanced real-time alerts.

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