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It’s not a horrible idea — pending the orientation fix and geographical considerations needed per other posts. I think they should also add some windmills, with sharp blades while they are at it. Who wants to cross a border with blades spinning?

We could sell the energy to Mexico in exchange for their labor to build the wall. Don’t pretend that America won’t hire illegals to do the install on the border anyway…

I wonder how much Mexico would pay for the power? Multi-Billion dollar investment in power lines to US, or less investment to power Mexico?

Get Tesla involved. Build the wall with a direct connection to charge Tesla batteries so you don’t need to build a powerline. Just add some battery-charging factories and a hyperloop leading straight to their distribution source.

I don’t support Trump but I do appreciate him pitching ideas outside of the box without fear of rejection.

And while I do agree this is an embarrassing time for America, I’m hopeful there is more to Trump’s thoughts than we all see and make fun of publically.