We’re back! – Personal letter from the owner.

I’ve written this open letter to those with a vested interest in the ThinkMedia brand and what we do as a social media agency.

After a vacation in sunny Europe and scorching Dubai, we’re back.

By ‘we’, I mean myself as the sole owner and main operator of the business and by ‘we’, I mean anyone who helps assist with any work I do for clients, ranging from freelance photographers, videographers, content creators and more.

‘’But you do so much!’’… I sure do. I work full-time, I DJ on weekends at night and I operate ThinkMedia mainly after hours while my assistants look after anything urgent in the meantime. It’s a heck of work, but I love the nuances of the business world and it’s no secret that I’m striving to transition into operating ThinkMedia on a full-time basis one day, alongside deejaying.

Anyway, I’d like to thank our clients’ ability to work together during the period I was away on vacation. This meant that I could perform social media duties for respective brands. It’s never easy being stuck in different time zones, in transit, having limited internet access at times, but I appreciate the understanding and cooperation. I’d also like to thank everyone else for their patience while I continued to respond to enquiries, messages and other emails.

Secondly, I’d like to inform everyone that ThinkMedia will pause the #ThinkAskAnswer shows. I truly appreciate the viewership, attention and traction the show has created. However, the reason for this pause is due to time constraints, wanting to focus all of my energy on existing clients, new business and growing the ThinkMedia brand. This may resume though, on an irregular basis from time to time.

The underlying mission of ThinkMedia is to help clients grow on social media, help them sell their goods or services, to communicate at the best possible price to their audience, in the best possible social media channels and to reach the biggest possible audience on social. We do this based on the following offerings:

  • Social Media Strategy: We provide clients with a uniquely tailored document to their brand, where they can implement our social media strategy and tactics to achieve their goals.
  • Social Media Management: The client lets us do the work – we apply our social media strategy to the client’s brand on a regular basis and look after their accounts and things such as posting, responding, creating content, campaigns and more.
  • Individual Extras: For clients who don’t require major services, but want individual services such as content creation, campaign creation, logo work, promotional post to advertise the brand and more.

We’ll continue to work with our amazing clients Diamonds 4 Life and De Rouge Hair Lounge to grow their brands and achieve their goals and are excited to see what the future holds for not only them, but for any other brands and work we take on in the nearby future.

Looking forward to navigating through the clouds and dirt of business and embracing the hustle culture.Yours Sincerely,


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