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How Cryptocurrency will Change the Forex Landscape

Within some few years, blockchain-powered Cryptocurrency has impacted global finances significantly, and one of such areas is the Foreign Exchange (forex) industry. …

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Market Disruptors’ Influence on Blockchain’s Future

Right at this moment, someone, someplace, is building a blockchain solution to stimulate innovation and disruption of conventional business models. This is transpiring in implicitly every industry and most fields globally. Indeed, we are now witnessing an evolution in business.

The world has seen amazing emerging technologies in recent times, and it is interesting to note that they have begun to disrupt industries and sectors. One of such technologies is Blockchain; the decentralized digital ledger technology has proven to be a wonder and has begun to cause a stir in the financial industries and other sectors. …

The Future of Workforce

The world of innovative technologies is continually evolving because humans are constantly looking for ways to make life easier while increasing efficiency and productivity. In recent times, several innovative technologies have emerged, and they have begun to cause disruptions in different industries. The shifts caused by the emergence of new technologies can affect the future workforce, as the workforce of the future is not going to be like what it is today. To remain relevant in the face of reform, organizations, companies, businesses, and people must evolve.

What does it look like?

Unlike its precedents, this fourth industrial revolution is different and seems to be centered on the digital sphere; forward we will be making use of technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc. It will interest you to know that a lot of these technologies have been implemented already, and as such, it is quite apparent that they have begun to permeate different industries; consequently, the future of the workforce is dependent on the adoption of these technologies. We are getting to a point where everyone will need to have some basic knowledge about these technologies for them to function effectively in their respective fields. …

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